5 Must Have Apple Music Workout Playlists

5 Must Have Apple Music Workout Playlists

5 Must Have Apple Music Workout Playlists

There’s nothing better than tuning out the pain to some fire music and there’s nothing worse than having to listen to the same music workout after workout. We pulled together some playlists that are sure to please everyone. The BPMs and heart rates will be high after these jams. Bonus: we added in a nostalgia playlist for each genre to also get you in your feels.

If you don’t use Apple Music, don’t worry, we have a Spotify list for you as well.

Also, while you’re there, check out our CEO Ameet Shah, chatting with Jason Khalipa on his Effort over Everything Podcast on both Spotify and Apple Podcasts. They chat about everything from the start of Wodify to technology in fitness. Take a listen!


Time to put the horns and the volume up for these playlists. “The New Rock” will get you tuning out the thruster pain in no-time. For the Nirvana and Papa Roach lovers, throw on “Hard Rock Workout” to get your clients reminiscing while breaking a sweat. That will for sure get you and your clients a PR in “FRAN”.


“Pop Workout 2022” is exactly what it sounds like! All of today’s hits to get everyone bopping around while cruising through wall balls and deadlifts. If you want to please the 90s babies, throw on “90s Hits Essentials” to hear a little bit of No Doubt mixed with Destiny’s Child. Just make sure you have room to dance around your barbells and medicine balls.

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If Big Sean and Kendrick Lamar are more your clients’ style, make sure to put on “Workout Hip Hop Edition”. The Hip Hop and R&B tunes from the 2000s, in our opinion, will definitely make that round-house kick land. If your clients agree, put on “Hip-Hop/R&B Hits: 2000s” to get a little bit of Country Grammar by Nelly while sparring.

What’s Hot

If you are looking to please the younger generation, today’s viral hits are where it’s at. For those looking to to break out viral dances in the middle of a round, put on “TikTok Songs 2022|Viral Hits”. We highly suggest finishing the submission prior to dancing. If your clients are missing Lady Gaga and Kesha, “Pop Throwback” is definitely the go-to playlist.

Electronic Dance

Calvin Harris and Dillon Francis know exactly how to get the heart rates pumping almost as much as they do in a Martial Arts class! Put on “Dance Workout” for some fire tunes and watch your takedowns happen much quicker. Want to run it back? Time to turn the lights down low and break out the strobes for “90s Dance Party Essentials” and vibe out with the barbell to Technotronic and Beats International.

Let us know your thoughts and be sure to tag us, @Wodify, so we can share your favorite playlist!

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