Sports Nutrition Blog: Seven Best Resources for Athlete Nutrition

Staying pumped for all those grueling CrossFit WODs shouldn’t be left to chance. Informed, intelligent athlete nutrition is key to staying healthy and primed to do your very best. Ideal nutrition is required for building muscle, burning fat, speeding recovery times, protecting your joints and keeping your energy levels high. Check out these seven excellent web resources that can help you stay in touch with the top athlete nutrition tips and information on the Internet:

1. Mark's Daily Apple

Mark Sisson is considered a guru of Paleo nutrition and “primal living.” He covers a lot in this very popular health blog, addressing both known and cutting edge approaches to health, diet, nutrition, and exercise. Visiting this site regularly will help to keep your motivation high. There are tips for embracing clean eating and staying inspired in your daily nutritional choices.

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2. 100 Days of Real Food

If you’re looking for a realistic approach to cutting back on processed foods in your diet, this blog can help. This blog is family-oriented to help you shop and cook for everyone in the household. You’ll get practical advice as well as recipes and motivation to fuel your fitness-minded lifestyle.

3. Precision Nutrition

For a research-based yet still very accessible approach to information about nutrition, Precision Nutrition is an excellent resource. Learn about the latest nutritional research data and stay on top of food, vitamin and supplement trends. The Precision Nutrition site also offers coaching, educational resources, and nutritional software.

4. Zen to Fitness

Do you need some balance and inspired guidance in your fitness, nutritional choices or your life in general? Stop by the Zen to Fitness site for brief but inspiring posts to help keep you stay centered and on track with your fitness goals. Everyone could use a little more Zen in their life.

5. Factor 75

This blog is run by award-winning medical professional and author Nick Wernimont. The site takes a comprehensive approach to nutritional information and has an excellent blog. The goal is to provide leading-edge knowledge so that readers can thrive in their fitness activities and in their lives. Factor 75 also sells meal plans for CrossFitters who just don’t have time to do their own cooking and food preparation. 

6. Healthy Food for Living

If you believe in having everything in moderation – including moderation – this is an ideal nutrition site for you. It takes a balanced approach to a healthy lifestyle that still leaves room for some decadent (but still healthy) choices for meals, desserts, and snacks. The photography on the Healthy Food for Living website is some of the best on the web, too, and it’s sure to get you excited to try out some of the recipes.

7. Food Insight

Get the latest scientific information about food and nutrition at this well-written nonprofit site by the International Food Information Council Foundation. You’ll stay on the cutting edge of food and nutritional news, and you’ll also receive related advice about how to live a healthy, fit lifestyle.

To stay in prime shape for CrossFit WODs, proper athlete nutrition is essential. For wisdom, insights, recipes and key information related to food and nutrition, be sure to add these links to your list. They offer a range of approaches to eating and supplementation to help support your active lifestyle. Check in with these sites regularly to support optimal CrossFit athlete nutrition.

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