Our Gym Software’s Next Evolution

Wodify is always innovating. As part of our evolution, we’re debuting two new applications — Wodify Arena and Wodify Rise — by the end of 2017. Each could transform your experience with our software, and we’re thrilled to be expanding Wodify’s family of products.

Meet Wodify Core.

Since Wodify Technologies now includes three applications, it made sense to shift our flagship gym software —  Wodify —  to a new brand. That’s why moving forward, the Wodify you know will be called Wodify Core.

Wodify Core is the “core” of what we do and the foundation for successful gyms. It’s the same software you love, but we’re strengthening our application with new features, powerful tools and innovative gym management solutions that we’re launching by the end of the year.

Be on the lookout for things like enhanced dashboards, a heart rate monitor and improvements to our personal services. For now, here’s a quick overview of seven tools we’re adding to Wodify Core.

1. Wodify Insights — Our All-New Dashboards

Collect smarter, more powerful data than ever with Wodify Insights — our all-new dashboards powered by Looker. Slated to debut summer of 2017, Wodify Insights drills deeper into your data, measures metrics like profit margin and takes reporting to a new level.

2. Wodify Pulse

Performance Tracking is the heart of Wodify Core. Our new heart rate monitoring solution — Wodify Pulse — expands that foundation and gives athletes feedback in real-time.

3. Athlete App

Our developers are making tons of progress on a powerful yet intuitive version of Wodify Core’s athlete app. With its slick interface and fast performance, our new app simplifies everything from class scheduling to performance tracking. 

We’ll give you more details when our athlete app is ready to go! But for now, have your athletes book classes, check the WOD and log workout results on our original app.

4. Coach’s App

We’re also working on a new coach’s app that unleashes real-time information about a member’s workout history, injuries and more. By placing kiosk features at your coach’s fingertips, Wodify Core lets them connect to the gym from anywhere.


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5. Enhanced Appointments

As part of our transition to Wodify Core, we’re boosting the functionality of appointments. Some of these enhancements include:

  • Performance tracking
  • Improvements to our appointments calendar
  • New functionality for free trials and membership plans
6. Zapier Integration

Perhaps one of Wodify Core’s most exciting additions is its Zapier integration. Compatible with over 750 apps, Zapier links your favorite web tools together to create custom automations. We’ll have tools in Zapier to help you deal with athletes and leads when it launches. We’re confident they’ll save time, increase productivity and reduce admin overload.

7. Groups and Shared Payments

Managing family gym memberships is simple using Wodify Core. One of our features —  Groups —  lets parents manage gym memberships for their kids. Another —  Shared Payments —  makes it possible for families to purchase memberships with the same payment method.  To learn more, check out our blog on Groups and Shared Payments.


Leave the Core of Your Business With Us.

We can’t wait to unleash Wodify Core’s new features. Go to roadmap.wodify.com to see what else we’ve got up our sleeves. If you’re interested in learning more, book a call with a product specialist!

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