The secrets to hosting a successful CrossFit event

Hosting a local CrossFit event can provide your box with a ton of much-needed publicity, but it is an undertaking you must prepare for with the same dedication and commitment you put into your training regimen.

As you begin the process, there are some key strategies you can implement to ensure that your first hosting event is set up for success.

Establish why you are hosting the event

Is the main goal of the event to raise more awareness of your box in the local community, or are you more interested in generating revenue that you can invest back into your business? Knowing the purpose of the event is extremely helpful when it comes to budgeting.

Create your budget

The budget for your event will include expenses such as:

Venue – where are you holding the event? Your box may be too small if you are holding a competition for local CrossFit athletes.

Judges – you may need to pay judges and feed them, or just feed them, but that is still an expense.

Prizes – are you offering cash prizes or gift cards? These must all be factored into your expenses.

Swag – you may want to give away some promotional items from your box.

Publicity – you may have to increase your social media marketing budget, and invest in traditional marketing such as flyers and radio ads to promote the event.

Find sponsors

Sponsors are an effective means to reduce your expenses for the event. Limit sponsors to companies with whom you’ve worked with before, or whose products you are familiar with.

Sponsors are often happy to add free items to your swag bags, or can provide all of your giveaways, which saves you money.

Find the venue

If your box is too small to host the event, you must find a venue that is affordable, while still offering enough room for participants to feel comfortable.

Your best bet is to find a venue that also doubles as a major sponsor, which incentivizes the company to cut you a great deal because of the promotional opportunities you are offering.

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Make the schedule

Organize each event and build in enough time to account for delays and unexpected occurrences.

A schedule is necessary to ensure that the athletes have enough time to rest after an event, but that the time between each event isn’t too long.

And make sure your volunteers, judges, and sponsors arrive several hours before the event.

Find volunteers

A CrossFit event requires a lot of hands on deck. You’ll need a master of ceremonies, people for setup and teardown duties, scorekeepers, and ticket collectors.

Advertise for volunteers at your box and on social media, and offer membership discounts and giveaways in exchange for people’s help.

Get the word out

Use social media and your website to publicize your event. As mentioned earlier, radio ads, bus billboards and mailers are also effective in raising awareness of your event. But social media is going to be your main driver, because it is more affordable and reaches a wider range of people.

Embrace the challenge

Hosting a CrossFit event requires detailed organization, but by following these strategies, you will maximize the chances that the event you host will be memorable and help brand your box as the next big thing. Need a little help with organizing your next CrossFit event? Take a look at Wodify Arena, a event management and competition planning system that simplifies planning!

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