A message from our founder

Dear Owners and Coaches,

I wanted to take a moment to provide you with an update on Wodify’s Software, share our thoughts, and thank you for your continued support.

Thank you. Thank you for believing in us. Thank you for the referrals. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for your ideas. And thank you for pushing us to be better. Thank you.


We’ve grown to 400 boxes with 10% of our boxes located in 20 countries outside of the US. We’ve experienced some growing pains: cloud infrastructure, staffing, and office space.

<start nerdy tech talk- skip if you’ll likely be bored>

Our cloud infrastructure will be improved next week. You’ll notice that images load much faster. We’re moving all of our images to a CDN (Content Data Network). What? Our images and files are now stored in 12 servers throughout the world. This means that page load times will be improved for all customers.We’re moving to a huge dedicated database server in a managed environment. What does this mean for you? You will see faster response times during peak hours (4pm to 9pm EST). It also means that we’re extending our Infrastructure skill sets with some pretty amazing talent from Rackspace. Hint: Pay Rackspace a lot of money and they’ll start thinking you’re pretty cool.</end nerdy tech talk>

Office Space:

We closed our South Carolina office three weeks ago and moved our staff to our HQ office outside of Philadelphia. We’ve seen an immediate improvement in creativity and productivity – we’re firing on all cylinders. We’ve outgrown our current office space. Just days from signing a lease for a fancy new office, our team stopped me. The team decided it would be a better use of our dollars to get smaller cubes and hire more talent. We did just that – new furniture, smaller everything, and we’re going to double the capacity of our office. Awesome team right? Speaking of awesome team, let’s talk about some of the new talent joining our team.


As of today, we’ve had two more join our team to help with on-boarding, support, and box success. Box what? Expect to hear from us, we’ll be calling you to help you better leverage the features of our software. We know you’re busy – it’s tough to find the time to leverage all of the features of Wodify. No worries – we’ll be calling you to walk you through it. Please, do me a favor, respond to our email and phone inquiries – we’re here to help.We’re actively recruiting for two key technical positions to join our team:

1. User Interface / User Experience Designer2. Native Mobile Developer

What does this mean for Wodify? It means that building software that works is not good enough. Instead, success will be measured by how enjoyable the experience is for the user on both web and mobile devices.

Join our team!
Are you a crafty creative, diligent developer or neurotic number cruncher?


The remainder of the year is focused on making life easier for box owners. This means, unfortunately, that we’ll have to hold off on performance tracking and coaching tools for a bit.Here’s what we’re aiming for:Class reservations improvements – some tweaks to round out the reservation system and make it bulletproof.

1. Reservations to include counts for limited contracts (e.g. 3x week)2. Options to count or not count “No Shows” against limited contracts3. Options to automatically charge “No Show” fees.

Retail POS – Whether you sell product at your box or online, there will be one version of the truth with regard to the inventory.

1. USB credit card swiping2. Inventory Tracking3. Integration with Shopify

Drop-In Swiping – Currently in Beta; this will be launching in the next week or so. To take advantage of retail sales and swiping, please contact Go-Emerchant and order your USB swiper and set up your retail account.

A better online experience – Functional fitness has changed over the last few years. People know what functional fitness is and are ready to experience it now. We need to support the idea that prospects are ready to sign-up directly from your website.

1. Trial athletes to pick class and sign electronic waivers2. Ability to sell contracts online including electronic waivers and contracts.3. Our software – your style. We want you to be able to white label our software on your public facing web pages.

Native Mobile – While our web app is functional. Athletes are often confused when they can’t find us in the App Store.

1. You’ll be able to find us in the App Store and Google Play!2. Mobile credit card swiping on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.


We’ll start the new year off with a focus on Coaches and Athletes. We have some really big ideas about creating a new experience in the class. Look for a new mobile experience, better coaching tools and more functionality for the athletes. I wish I could tell you more – it’s kinda classified.


You’ve bet on us to provide the best all-in-one software solution for box owners. You’ve put your trust in us and we’re not about to betray your trust. Believe me, we wake up in the middle of the night thinking about Wodify. We’re obsessed with improving our Software and will not be satisfied until box owners think of Wodify like they do great coaching: “How could you run a box without it?”

Here to serve,Ameet

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