4 surprising benefits of heart monitoring for your athletes

Group heart rate monitoring and wearable technology are two of the hottest trends in the fitness industry, and gyms that take advantage can see a huge jump in retention numbers.

There are dozens of benefits associated with group heart rate monitoring, but these are the top four reasons you should consider implementing it at your gym.

#1 It gives people clear data

Many CrossFit athletes keep meticulous records, and measuring heart rate along with benchmarks like reps, max weight and time completed gives them a sense of what they can accomplish during a specific WOD. This data helps athletes measure improvements.

#2 It’s a test of cardiovascular health

Use the heart rate data stored in your fitness monitoring app to get a sense of your cardiovascular health. You can even show it to your doctor during your next checkup! This information can be helpful in noting your general state of health.

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#3 It provides recovery information

Recovery time is another indicator of cardiovascular health. In other words, the faster an athlete’s heart rate return to its normal speed, the better their cardiovascular capacity. Just like everything else that CrossFit athletes record, this data can be used to improve physical fitness.

#4 It can push people to work harder

One of the best advantages of heart rate monitors is that they tell athletes when they aren’t putting enough effort into their workout. If an athlete’s heart rate isn’t in a specific zone during a certain exercise, they know to kick it up a notch and make their workout a little more rigorous. In terms of group heart monitoring, an exceptionally low heart rate could be made public, further improving the integrity of a workout.

Experience next-level heart rate monitoring

Heart rate monitoring can benefit gyms and athletes in many ways. It’s a hot trend in fitness technology that can take your gym to the next level.

Wodify Pulse powered by Myzone  is a group heart rate monitoring experience that retains gym members, pushes them harder during works and brings more revenue in to your gym. With its instant feedback and easy set up, Wodify Pulse creates an amazing workout experience that keeps gym members coming back. To learn more, check out the Wodify Pulse website!

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