Why your gym should embrace wearable technology for group fitness

Why your gym should embrace wearable technology

Why your gym should embrace wearable technology for group fitness

Winter is a time when many people are looking to make some positive changes in their lives, both in terms of nutrition and fitness. That means this is a perfect time to convince potential customers to join your gym. One way to get people through the door is by using heart rate monitoring technology like Wodify Pulse for group training.

Here at Wodify, we are strong advocates of using group training to recruit new members, in large part because it has proven highly effective in attracting (and keeping) new customers. The following are four reasons why using heart rate monitoring for group training really does work in terms of attracting new gym members:

1. People love wearable technology

Fitness trackers have become incredibly popular because they are instrumental in helping people stay healthy and make the most out of their workouts. The Wodify Pulse software works in conjunction with the highly-regarded Myzone belts that track heart rates for group workout challenges. These are affordable devices that track heart rates with 99.4 percent accuracy and hold their charge for up to four months. It’s exactly this kind of technology that help people enjoy working out at their gyms even more than they already do.

2. People love competition

Integrating that technology into a competition format is a great way to keep gym members engaged. The Wodify Pulseboard can display every member’s effort on a tile in real time, which keeps people actively pushing each other throughout their workouts.

Wearables are the #1 trend in group fitness.
Join the movement.

3. People love real-time results

Those real-time results are a big part of what makes this software so fantastic. It gives gym members an immediate sense of where they stand on the leaderboard and generates an immediate post-workout report with a summary of their workout stats. There’s no suspense and no waiting, just instant results that help them get the most out of those Myzone belts and the Wodify Pulse software.

4. People love an even playing field

Because the results of these challenges are measured by heart rate, everybody regardless of age, height, or weight can participate on what effectively amounts to a level playing field. Rewards can be doled out based on effort alone rather than ability, which helps eliminate the frustration of those intimidated by more seasoned members of the gym, helping them maintain the motivation to stick around longer.

Not only is group training enjoyable for your customers, but it also is pretty fun to organize and run as a trainer in a gym, as well. Seeing the support and the results that come from these types of events is exactly why many people got into this business in the first place.

Wodify Pulse not only encourages your gym members to keep their memberships longer, but it also helps them capture the true spirit of what exercise is all about. To learn more about how group heart rate monitoring can grow your gym, check out Wodify Pulse’s website!

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