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Best 6 fitness podcasts for 2018

While some people blast music during workouts, plenty of others prefer listening to health and fitness podcasts. And who can blame them? Podcasts are a fun, educational way to pass the time and make workouts go faster.

That’s why today, we thought we’d share six fitness podcasts perfect for hitting the gym. Maybe some of these will make your list of best fitness podcasts for 2018!

The FitCast

Kevin Larrabee started The FitCast when he couldn’t find a podcast about health and exercise he enjoyed. Today, his podcast is known for its honest discussions about health, fitness and exercise that audiences across the world tune in for every week.  

Barbell Shrugged

Barbell Shrugged is a great series for CrossFit lovers looking for informational, educational content about building muscle, improving endurance and being the fittest they can be. They also have tons of fitness-related articles, guides and videos, so check them out if you’re serious about getting (and staying) in shape.

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Food Psych by Christy Harrison

If you’re interested in listening to something more on the “health” side of things than the “fitness” side of things, check out Food Psych, which is hosted by registered dietician Christy Harrison. Each week, she focuses her interviews on healthy eating habits and positive body images, which can lead to some pretty interesting conversations about body shaming and the psychology of fitness. It’s worth a listen, if for nothing more than its motivational value.

Hurdle by Emily Abbate

New York trainer and fitness editor Emily Abbate started this new podcast in January. In three months since launching, Hurdle’s inspirational pep talks have received plenty of good publicity — especially during a time of year when many gym-goers are giving up on New Year’s resolutions. Between its great stories and fantastic guests, Hurdle provides tons of content to help people lead happier, more motivated lifestyle.

The WODcast Podcast

For those of you who eat, breathe and sleep CrossFit, this is one of the better podcasts out there. Armen Hammer, Scott McGee, and Eddie Ifft are known for their candid conversations about CrossFit and work in plenty of humor along the way.  It’s a really fun show, and certainly worth checking out for CrossFit athletes.

Happy podcasting!  

Whenever you’re searching for a new podcast to listen to, we highly recommend checking these out. All of them are excellent entertainment during a workout or even just the drive to the gym. But more importantly, each bring their own unique perspective to the world of health and fitness.

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