Getting Started with Group Heart Rate Training at Your Gym or Box

If your gym is getting into group heart rating training using Wodify Pulse, there are a handful of things you and your instructors should know before getting started. Heart rate training is the wave of the future for fitness classes, but your members need to understand how everything works to make the most of their workouts and to better understand their results.

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Knowing all of that, the following are a few things to consider when starting group heart rate training at your gym:

Understand Heart Rate Tracking and Safety

Wodify Pulse group heart rate tracking software can show members’ heart rates in real time, but the readouts only will be helpful if their maximum heart rates are set correctly at the get-go. The percent of maximal heart rate (%MHR) is a key number during these workouts, but the color coding to indicate where gym members’ %MHR stands is meaningless with incorrect settings.

Furthermore, instructors should keep an eye on people who dip into their red zone for too long to ensure they are feeling okay, and if they are in the red but don’t look appropriately exhausted, it might be time to check into the settings.

Encourage Competition, but Explain Variability

Your members are going to love the competition these workouts encourage, but it’s important to remind them that heart rate statistics don’t mean the same thing for all people. You don’t want your members tussling over who has the highest heart rate. It all varies person-to-person, so ignoring the numbers and watching the colors allows people to give their best individual efforts without focusing on whose heart rate is highest or lowest during intense workouts.

Make Sure Members Understand %MHR and RPE

Of course, %MHR is only part of what athletes will consider during group heart rate training workouts. Rate of perceived exertion (RPE) also is important. Instructors can relate %MHR to RPE by using an RPE scale beginning with “1” to show minimal effort and “10” to suggest maximum effort. If the RPE and %MHR don’t align, it’s possible the MHR needs realignment. Make sure instructors understand the relationship between the two so they can make individual adjustments as needed.

Work Heart Rate Recovery into Classes

Getting a heart rate all worked up is important, but so is recovery, which is why it is important to insist that instructors work recovery into their classes. There are color codes for when a person’s heart rate has properly slowed, which is valuable since tracking recovery time and heart rates are nearly as important as tracking peak rates during workouts. Every member needs a personalized recovery range and should be forced to meet those ranges during cool-down and between workouts.

Go Beyond Burning Calories

The most valuable aspect of using Wodify Pulse is that gym members get more than just a summary of how many calories they have burned in a workout. They also get MEPs, heart rate recovery, average effort, time spent in each zone, and several other statistics.

For CrossFit enthusiasts, all data is good data, and heart rate tracking does a great job providing some truly excellent numbers with which to work.

If you’re interested in bringing next-gen heart rate training to your gym, visit our site to learn more and book a call with a Pulse specialist!

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