5 ways to use gym membership software to retain customers

How gym management software helps with member retention

5 ways to use gym membership software to retain customers

Every spring, many gyms see their membership numbers come back down to earth once the New Year’s rush dies down. Ideally though, gyms would be able to keep a steady stream of new customers coming in and buying memberships throughout the year.

How does a gym go about doing that? Wodify gym membership software can help. Here’s how you can use it to create meaningful interactions with customers, engage your community and start attracting members for life.

1. Encourage social interaction with regular training sessions.

To inspire interaction, competition and camaraderie within their communities, many gyms hold smaller training sessions for members with similar skills and interests. After all, people in groups can hold each other accountable and help them reach their goals. Using gym management software to organize and keep track of this type of class scheduling is great for engaging members in small support groups throughout the year.  

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2. Make gym members feel like a part of the family.

Human beings are social creatures. The more they interact with each other, the more likely they are to connect, form friendships and feel like part of a community. If you can organize events encouraging this level of socialization, there’s a better chance that members will see your gym as a second family. That’s key to having them stick with you long-term.

3. Watch out for attendance red flags. 

‍Gym membership software makes it easy to track your attendance numbers, which is one of the most compelling ways it can help with retention. You’ve most likely noticed big disparities in membership and attendance stats overtime. Knowing exactly when those dips start happening allows you to reach out to members who’ve been absent before they fall off completely.

4. Host promotions to keep members engaged.

One way to keep members coming back is to offer promotions designed to keep them in your building. Promotions without purpose are not going to be as effective as promotions with a specific endpoint in mind. Be smart about who you target and when, and use your gym management software to make sure your members are aware of these promotions when they do arise.

5. Encourage members to try different activities.

When someone first joins your box, they’re probably excited to come in and try every workout.

But without variety, those new members can grow bored, especially if they’re intimidated by those other machines and weight stations. Get them moving around your building to try a number of different activities so they remain engaged throughout their time at your box.

Leverage gym management software to retain members

If you have any questions about the gym management software options we provide here at Wodify, just reach out and we will be happy to walk you through how our products can help you hold onto the gym members. Seeing real changes in stickiness is easier than you think. Sometimes it really is just a matter of using the right software!

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