Switching to Wodify? Five Tips to Make the Switch Easier

If your gym is planning the switch to Wodify gym management software, congratulations! You and your customers will soon enjoy the many benefits of our industry-leading CrossFit software. However, transitioning from one software to another can take some getting used to, so the following suggestions should help make the switch go as smoothly as possible:

#1 Build an FAQ

The first step in making in any major programming overhaul is developing an FAQ, whether you’re switching from another gym management software or using Wodify as your first official foray into the world of higher-tech gyms. Consider all of the questions that your customers are going to have about the changes in the way your gym is run, and preemptively answer them with a clearly-marked FAQ on your gym’s website and/or Facebook page.

#2 Give Gym Members Time to Adjust

Once you’ve published your FAQ, begin rolling out the Wodify software. Do it slowly, however, because not all of your members are going to sign up the first day it’s made available. In fact, several Wodify gyms actually start the transition process by running their new Wodify software and their old software simultaneously for a week or two.

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#3 Advertise Wodify Sign-Ups

Don’t run on two systems for long, though. The switch to Wodify is going to make your life so much easier, so the sooner everybody transfers over, the better. Link to the Wodify login page and advertise to every member that the switch is coming. Be very public about the drop-dead date for the old software so everyone knows exactly when they need to have their Wodify accounts set up. Tweet about it, put it on Instagram, and place it front and center on your web page. Make sure people know about the switch so they won’t get caught off-guard.

#4 Transfer Your Data

A Wodify specialist can help with this, but   If you’ve been using a different gym management software platform, a Wodify specialist will most likely be able to pull that user data from your old software and import it into Wodify. Although the process is tricky, we will help you save what you can, both in terms of members’ performance data and your management information. Since Wodify works well with so many other business software bundles, there usually is a lot we can do to make transferring data a painless process.

#5 Encourage Members to Keep Custom Data

If there is any data that we can’t pull over—usually custom workouts and other points of data entry specific to a certain software—make sure you remind your users to pull those down. If they entered custom metcon data or something similar with an old app, make sure they keep records so they can re-enter them into the Wodify app after the switch.

We look forward to helping you transfer your gym software over to Wodify as quickly and easily as possible. As always, if you have any questions during the switch, visit help.wodify.com and we’ll be happy to help you troubleshoot any roadblocks. You’ll be humming along on all cylinders before you know it!

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