Wodify's gym management software: Roadmap and year in review

It’s an exciting time for Wodify! 2017 was our biggest year ever — and if we hit half the goals we set for 2018 — we’ll accomplish even more as our company, customers and gym management software evolve.

Before getting in to the details, I want to take a moment to thank YOU. None of this would be possible without your loyalty, enthusiasm and feedback. I’m so excited to travel this road with you.

Our global team is only getting bigger

It’s been nearly two years since opening our second office in Lisbon, Portugal. Today, the office houses two thirds of our 90-person company and is firing on all cylinders.  

Our Lisbon office is now much larger than our headquarters in the U.S. and will keep growing through 2018. Wodify’s employee count will climb to triple digits before the year’s end, allowing us to add more value to our community.

2017: A look back on our biggest year ever

With our agile development methodology and biweekly release schedule, we pushed out tons of new functionality for our gym management software last year. Here are some highlights:

  • Member Access by Location
  • Global Search
  • Leads by Location
  • Promo Codes
  • Member Segmentation
  • Shared Payments and Groups
  • Zapier integration
  • Revenue by Location
  • Conversations
  • Wodify Payments
  • Classes 2.0
  • Wodify Insights

We also released four new gym software products!

Our team added Wodify Pulse, Wodify Arena, Wodify Live and Wodify Rise to our growing suite of gym management software. Whether you’re looking to diversify your services or run a well-oiled competition, each is designed to drive more revenue to your business.

We’re delivering the most accurate heart rate monitoring solution on the market through our partnership with MYZONE®, a leader in wearable fitness technology.

Wodify Arena is a competition planning and scoring system designed to help you run your most efficient event yet!

Help your members reach their goals with our all-in-one platform for digital lifestyle challenges. Wodify Rise introduces a new level of accountability so members can get the most out of your services.

Wodify Live is a streamlined, affordable fitness event planning system that brings gym communities together. Use it to promote, manage fees and track revenue for nutrition seminars, certification courses and more.

Our gym software’s performance and reliability

This time last year, we moved our infrastructure from Rackspace to AWS to improve our reliability. We’ve also been refining our legacy code to ensure a consistent and performant app experience. Thanks to these enhancements, I'm pleased to announce our rate of uptime is 99.9% for Wodify Core and 100% for our event products — Wodify Arena, Wodify Rise and Wodify Live..

Those of you who’ve been with Wodify for a while know that this is great news. We’ve come along way since getting our start six years ago and will continue working to deliver the best possible experience with our suite of gym management software.

2018 roadmap: The best is yet to come

We put more thought into our gym management software roadmap than ever, now that we’ve matured as a company and brought the right talent on board. Thanks to our design and development team, we can focus on building the features and gym software products our customers will benefit from the most. Our 2018 roadmap is based on three principles to help you:

I’m really excited to share these new features with you. So without further ado, here is our 2018 roadmap:

  • More communications functionality, including customizable email templates
  • Payroll
  • Custom fields on member profiles
  • A customizable workout video library
  • Task reminders
  • Custom websites
  • Upgraded online sales portal
  • More Zapier functionality
  • Workflows, or marketing automation rules
  • Coach’s mobile app
  • Customizable reporting
  • A brand new mobile app for members
  • Kiosk advancements
  • Enhancements to new products
  • Quickbooks integration exclusively with Wodify Payments
  • Launch Wodify Paymentsinternationally
  • Enhanced invoicing
  • A social media experience connecting Wodify users around the world
  • InBody integration for body comp measurements
  • Appointments upgrade and overhaul
  • Memberships upgrade and overhaul
  • When I Work integration for simplified staff scheduling
  • Functionality allowing members to run a retail tab

Behind each of these initiatives is a huge push for automation. Things like workflow rules, tasks and email templates will help you get more done in less time so you can focus on the parts of your business that matter most.  

This list is neither exhaustive nor set in stone. Priorities do shift to address roadblocks or changes in customer demand. Nevertheless, we’re always committed to building gym management software that engages members, increases your bottom line and propels your business forward.

I hope you’re as excited as our team is for the year to come. We do everything with you in mind. Together, we’re going to accomplish big things in 2018.

Here to serve,

Ameet Shah

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