The HAM Plan - “More Than Just Workouts”

The HAM Plan is nothing short of a decorated team of athletes that have been in the game for more than 10 years. Austin Malleolo, James Hobart, Spencer Hendel, and Travis Herbanek have accomplished so much in the fitness world from CrossFit Games appearances, Collegiate division athletes, fitness trainers, gym owners, and much more. Don’t get it twisted though, the HAM Plan is more than just a collection of workouts. Their programming encourages athletes to move better in and out of the gym, and drives coaches to lead their classes better. Check out what Austin from HAM Plan had to say about how they started out and what keeps them going.

Q: When did you all start to get into the fitness industry and why?

A: The 4 of us have different journeys to where we are today, but we started over 15 years ago,  most of us starting out as athletes, or fitness enthusiasts. Then we found CrossFit, and it was all over! We started to train for the CrossFit Games, and all the while learn more and more about CrossFit methodology and its tools to not only get ourselves fit and better, but everyone else. Thus we propelled into training others, opening gyms and eventually starting The HAM Plan to reach more people!

Q: What made HAM Plan branch out into your own gym and programming?

A: 3 of the 4 of us owners have been on CrossFit Seminar staff for 10+ years and we have owned our own gyms for all or some of that time and we have learned a great deal from our gyms and from the community. We listened to what they were looking for and wanted to be able to continue that support and education that we were able to do when we were at seminars! We created our programming tools to be as much educational resources and tools to allow them to be better coaches, not just programing. 

Q: When did HAM Plan develop an interest in training other athletes?

A: It was always a part of what we did, from training ourselves, to our members at our gyms - so branching out to support more people was a natural progression about 5 years ago! 

Q: What advice would you all give to someone who is just starting to train in the competitive fitness space, anything they should focus on first?

A: Two pieces of advice: The first is to focus on quality of movement, get coaching, take class and learn as much as you can. You are never above slowing down and learning how to move better and more efficient. The second is to take a realistic approach to your training, volume and goals. It takes time to build a capacity for lots of volume, take your time and do not rush it.

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Q: What advice can you give to athletes who are interested in the competition side of fitness?

A: Realistic goal setting and expectation management. Making sure these align with your other lifestyle choices is essential. If you are doing it because you love working out and want to take it more seriously, align your training and life accordingly- if you want more than that - know that there will be LOTS of sacrifices! And be ready to give it all you have, and there is a possibility that you will not achieve your end goal - the process can be more powerful than any destination. 

Q: Do you have a fond or favorite memory of competing yourself?

A: As an individual, I (Austin) will never forget qualifying for the Games in 2015, when I was able to make a PR snatch to secure my spot to the big show, whereas a year earlier the snatch kept me from going!

Q: Can you share with us your favorite WOD or movement?

A: Well I (Austin) personally have a connection with the Deadlift, as it is my “best” movement - and have won most open workouts worldwide when there is one in the workout, so that has to be by default I guess! 

Q: What has been your favorite memory since starting HAM Plan?

A: Connecting and supporting so many athletes and affiliates. We really do LOVE our community and that fact that we have the ability to help others and support them is an honor and responsibility that we do not take lightly! 

Check out what the HAM Plan website to learn all about their specialty programs and both individual & affiliate programs today!  Ready to reclaim your time? Sign up for their programming that is seamlessly integrated with Wodify today. 

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