Trends in gym management: Our predictions for 2018

Trends in gym management: 3 predictions for 2018

Running a gym is equal parts thrilling and stressful, but those who do manage gyms and CrossFit boxes pour their hearts and souls into creating fitness environments that help patrons improve their physical health and feel comfortable and confident while they do it. Gyms have come a long way in recent years in working toward this end, and here at Wodify we expect these fitness hubs to evolve even more in the year to come. As always, the best is yet to come with gym management strategies.

We expect to see three changes in 2018 that will improve how gym owners and managers run their businesses. As the calendar rolls over, we expect to see increased dependence on great gym management software, a continued boom in competing gyms opening, and more user-friendly technology to help athletes find appropriately challenging WODs and to better track their progress.

1. More reliance on gym management software

The modernization of gyms already has begun in earnest, and it sure does not look as though the world of gym management has any interest in going backwards. Here at Wodify, we have seen a big boost in those that use our management software to make sure that every aspect of their gym works as smoothly as possible. This includes everything from collecting registration fees, organizing digital waivers, reporting live scores and so much more. This type of software has become essential for gyms of all shapes and sizes, and we don’t expect that to change at all as we make our way into the New Year.

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2. More fitness centers and health clubs

Obesity continues to rise in the United States, which means it shouldn’t come as any surprise that the number of gyms and fitness centers also have been on the rise over the course of the last few years. While competition in this market already is pretty heated, gyms aren’t going to be disappearing in 2018 with business booming the way that its. In fact, we fully expect there to be more gyms, which makes elite and easy-to-use gym software more important than ever in keeping ahead of the competition.

3. User-friendly technology will evolve

People are using their smartphones to complete their WODs and track their progress more than ever, and we expect there to be even more great CrossFit apps to hit the App Store and Google Play this coming year. Not only that, but the excellent app options that already exist should be expected to adapt, adding features and streamlining their designs to make them more user friendly than they ever have been. We are in the midst of a revolution right now in terms of CrossFit apps, and they’re only going to get better in the next 12 months.

These trends should make 2018 a great year both for gyms and for the sport of CrossFit in general. We can’t wait to see what exciting things are on the horizon, and here at Wodify we hope to be part of the good things that are coming!

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