Trends in Wearable Fitness Technology & Gym Programming

While plenty of people outside the fitness world openly wonder whether fitness trackers are a fad, those who operate gyms understand that the future of the industry will rely heavily on these tools. As CrossFit athletes’ unquenchable thirst for data grows, the need for technology that can track data also increases. Wodify Pulse group heart rate monitoring software with Myzone fitness belts is one such example. The following are a few more wearable fitness trends that prove exciting times are ahead:

Group Fitness Apps

Since Wodify specializes in gym management software and smartphone apps, the idea of further improving group fitness apps is a huge appeal of wearable fitness technology in the future. Already, the Wodify app allows users to participate in workouts that can be posted to the community Whiteboard, but wearable technology will allow for more accuracy in how those results are recorded. Rather than having to sync up with your box or enter your times manually, wearable tech will update automatically and help keep you competitive with the other people in your groups.

Wearables are the #1 trend in group fitness.
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Enhanced Biometric Monitoring

Currently, most wearable fitness technologies like Myzone focus primarily on heart rate, but in the future, they will be able to track much more. Wearables will soon be able to track hydration by monitoring blood and other indicators, to notify athletes when it’s time to drink more water. Also, for diabetics, wearables will monitor blood sugar levels to provide constant real-time feedback.

Motion Analysis

Another boon for gyms is the onset of motion analysis in wearable technology. Many professional sports have turned to analyzing the motions of athletes to fine tune their performance. Much like how basketball players can track their jumpshot, or baseball players their swing, the same technology could be applied to the physical movements of CrossFit athletes: acceleration, form, movement in space, and coordination. They may be reserved for professionals now, but motion-tracking wearables will find their way into the hands of the public soon.

Wodify will continue to improve and adjust its software and smartphone apps to provide for these changes, which really do paint a bright future for wearable fitness technology. For now, learn how to integrate heart rate trackers into your gym’s programming. Doing so will keep you ahead of the curve and help usher your gym into an exciting (and data-filled) future.

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