Why Heart Rate Training Benefits Your Members

It’s no secret that CrossFit ads will focus on the more glamorous aspects of the sport: jacked athletes lifting impressive amounts of weights or performing superhuman movements. Hey, you may have run those ads yourself!

No doubt about it, CrossFit athletes love a good training session, especially when so many are seeking the same kind of cut, ripped bodies that have made the sport’s elite figures famous worldwide.

Despite all this, one aspect of a good workout regimen that often goes overlooked is heart rate training. Using a combination of Wodify Pulse software and incredibly accurate Myzone heart rate monitors, gym owners can help their members keep track of their heart rates before, during, and after workouts, providing proof of their effort in real time.

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Improved Aerobic Ability

When it comes to heart rate training and aerobic training, human biology is fairly simple. The more you exercise, the stronger your heart becomes and the easier it is to push through tough workouts. There’s a reason why out-of-shape people lose their breath just from climbing a few flights of stairs! For CrossFit athletes, working with Wodify Pulse to determine a comfortable heart rate zone will lead to aerobic benefits down the road.

Fat Loss

Another tangible benefit of heart rate training is that it burns fat. Weightlifting piles muscles upon muscles, but trimming fat so that those muscles can actually show comes as a result of cardiovascular work. Your members will be able to burn more fat with Wodify Pulse because, during exercise, they’ll know exactly when their heart rate is within specific fat-burning zones.  

Recovery Data

Heart rate training also can be helpful for recovery. By monitoring how quickly their heart rate slows down after a workout (or during rest between sets), your athletes will have proof of the strides they are making towards their overall health.  

Changing How We View Workout Intensity

Perhaps the most important aspect of heart rate training is that it gives your members a different perspective on what it means to participate in an appropriately intense workout. Instead of looking at how quickly they can complete a task, or how much weight they’re lifting, heart rate monitoring gives those athletes a sense of how hard their body is working to complete those tasks. Because their heart rates are displayed prominently on Wodify monitors inside the gym, they’ll know exactly when to ramp up their intensity and when to pace themselves.

Wodify Pulse offers your members all these benefits, so if you haven’t integrated heart rate training already, now is the time to start!

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