Wodify’s Favorite Blogs for Fitness Entrepreneurs

The Wodify fitness business blog is one of your best resources on the internet for helping with the process of opening and running a gym. Obviously, fitness center management is not easy, but the Wodify software and blog posts are designed to help with that.

We can’t do it all by ourselves, however, and there are a number of other blogs out there that make lives easier for entrepreneurs in the industry. The following are some of our favorite fitness business blogs out there on the internet today:

Two-Brain Business Blog

Chris Cooper is the author of Two-Brain Business, Two-Brain Business 2.0 and Help First. He owns two gyms and several other companies in Ontario, Canada. His mentoring clientele spans the globe, from Australia to Norway and in every State in the USA.

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Association of Fitness Studios Blog

AFS is a legitimate trade organization that provides gym owners with the sort of accreditation that customers appreciate and respect. They also put together a blog that covers a range of topics dealing with fitness business. Everything is designed to take a gym to the next level, making it a must-follow for entrepreneurs in fitness.

Trainerize Blog

Trainerize is a service that helps people link up with a trainer in their area, but they also regularly post on their blog to provide gym owners (or aspiring gym owners) with the types of information they need to make the most of their businesses. Everything here is about business growth and marketing, so box owners can get plenty of ideas for how to better run their gyms.

ClubConnect Blog

The people at ClubConnect exist primarily to connect fitness brands with the “knowledge, tools, and thoughtful innovation” they need to help gyms grow. This includes an expert-driven blog that covers topics ranging from time management, social media, and even choosing a name for a gym. It’s a fun and comprehensive look at the fitness industry.

The Fit Niche Blog

Sarah at the Fit Niche wants nothing more than to help fitness entrepreneurs create simple and effective strategies to scale their businesses, and her blog offers plenty of ways to make that happen. It’s loaded with helpful topics to help gym owners improve their businesses.

The Voice for Fitness Blog

Debra at The Voice for Fitness has been a motivational speaker for over 30 years, but she’s also a life coach that focuses on the areas of wellness, personal relationships, and the growth of her personal training businesses, among other things. Her blog offers ideas for mastering fitness marketing.

Gym Insight Blog

Like many of these other blogs, Gym Insight exists to make gym owners’ lives easier. Their blog is simple but comprehensive, offering up all sorts of ideas for programming, client acquisition, and strategic planning.

Thomas Plummer’s “The Business of Fitness” Blog

As a 40-year veteran of the fitness industry, Thom Plummer knows a thing or two about how gyms work. He has authored ten books about the business of fitness, and his blog features more of the same types of tidbits that can help make gyms more successful than ever.

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