10 of the best CrossFit blogs of 2017

If you’re like most CrossFitters, you spend most days outside the box focused on diet, nutrition and nailing the next WOD. Staying motivated isn’t always easy, but you don’t have to go it alone. Check out these blogs to get your daily dose of CrossFit news, motivation, and more.

The CrossFit Journal

The CrossFit Journal is the CrossFit brand’s official blog. Every athlete should follow it for fitness advice, competition news, technique tips and daily workouts.


MobilityWOD was born from San Francisco CrossFit — one of the first 30 boxes in the world — and it covers almost every aspect of the sport. It’s a great resource for athletes who want to perfect their form, prevent injuries and reach peak performance.

Catalyst Athletics

Catalyst Athletics is the world’s leading resource for Olympic weightlifting education. They have a massive library of CrossFit routines, coaching certifications and seminars, so check out their blog if you’re serious about fitness.

Barbell Shrugged

For athletes, gym owners and coaches looking to dominate fitness, Barbell Shrugged has tons of great content — including a podcast. Their crew shares years of experience running CrossFit boxes and training clients, and each have degrees backing up their expertise.


MentalityWOD is one of the most respected fitness blogs on the ‘net with coaching, ebooks and a blog to get you in the right mindset. Run by Dawn Fletcher — world-famous CrossFitter and writer — this blog focuses on how the right mentality can help you flourish and thrive.

Breaking Muscle

A dedicated team of fitness pros Breaking Muscle the reputable health and blog it is today. They view fitness through a holistic lens and cover everything from weightlifting and CrossFit to yoga and nutrition.

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Crossfit Invictus

Crossfit Invictus is a box in San Diego with one of the most popular blogs in the industry.

“Invictus,” which means unconquered, reflects the spirit of their business and blog. They see CrossFit as a way to achieve the impossible and load their blog with fitness tips to help athletes push their limits every day.

The RX View

The RX View is an excellent resource for staying up-to-date on the latest CrossFit news. Covering functional fitness, sports performance, diet information and more, the RX View is a great place to get an independent opinion.

WODcast Podcast

More than just a blog, the WODcast Podcast is a semiweekly CrossFit podcast with industry news, expert interviews and exercise tips. Improve your performance and stay connected with the CrossFit professional scene.

Lift Big Eat Big (LBEB)

LBEB isn't strictly a CrossFit blog. But for those looking to reach the next level of fitness, it's bursting with information and inspiration. World-class athletes run this blog and share training, diet, nutrition and lifestyle tips to help you succeed.

You can only spend so much time in the gym. Spend the rest of your time learning about fitness, health and nutrition with 2017's best CrossFit blogs!

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