10 innovative ideas for marketing your gym

Wondering how to get the word out about your fitness establishment? Well, never fear; even though gym marketing might seem like a tall order, you can actually achieve wider recognition and reach more potential clients with relatively little work. Naturally, you will have to put in some effort, but these can’t-miss strategies and ideas will help ensure it doesn’t go to waste. Ready to learn? Here are 10 of our favorite gym marketing ideas.

1. Use Press Releases

People love a good event or story, and if you can come up with a compelling one, then hey presto: you have the foundation for a press release. Create a story through hosting a mobility clinic, for instance, or holding conditioning sessions for a particular demographic, suggests the Personal Trainer Development Center.

2. Sponsor People and Charities

When you sponsor or donate, people take notice. Not only does this tell your customers you’re a giving rather than a taking organization, you can advertise the event you’re going to sponsor, says Gym Insight.

3. Run Highly Targeted Promotions

Smart gym marketing leverages more than just gym-wide promotions; they target specific classes or workout strategies, says Gym Insight. Think discounts for Zumba or Pilates, which may bring in a certain type of clientele … one that stays for life.

4. Craft a Great Marketing Story

Marketing is less a matter of dragging people in through advertising, and more a matter of creating connection. Having a good story is foundational to this goal. Copyblogger points out that you need a hero (your customer), a goal (the solution to their problem), an obstacle (what’s stopping them?), a mentor (you) and a moral (what will they get out of it)?

5. Get Insta-Savvy

Who doesn’t love Instagram? It’s such a positive place, perfect for showcasing fitness at its best. ZenPlanner suggests several approaches like using powerful hashtags and posting at the right time to leveraging this powerful platform.

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6. Use the “Three Legs Concept”

The “Three Legs Concept” of marketing is simple, says ZenPlanner: to succeed, you need community involvement, client referrals and a great web presence. Don’t skip any of them.

7. Encourage Corporate Wellness

One of the best gym marketing ideas, suggests SimplyCast, is to take the gym to people. Businesses, to be exact. Offering a corporate membership rate encourages people to come in, and establishes a community-within-a-community, which is great for accountability … and therefore ongoing clientele.

8. Drum Up Doctor Referrals

Doctor referrals, says MoonClerk, are a fantastic way to build credibility and drive traffic toward your gym. While it might take more than a minute to develop these relationships, they’re worth it in the long run.

9. Put SMS to Work for You

Everyone is tapped into text these days, so why not use that to your advantage? FitnessTexter recommends you throw a fitness code on your website, flyers, social media and more. When people text a code to the number, they get a free pass or other incentive to join.

10. For Pete’s Sake, Redo Your Website

As Marketing for Gyms points out, investing in a modern website is crucial. Around 70 percent of people search for a gym through Google, and if your site isn’t popping up (and impressing prospects when they visit), you’re doing yourself a major disservice.

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