5 Important Gym Website Features You Must Have

Every gym needs a website, however not all websites are created equally. In fact, a gym website is only as good as its ability to help you reach new customers, connect with your existing members, and improve your gym management efforts. Achieving these goals can be made easier with these important gym website features.

Gym Reviews Page

People visiting your website need to know if you have a good gym. It's not enough to simply state "we are the best gym in town." Instead, you must show that you are the best through published reviews. Add a page to your website that touts your gym's amazing benefits via a compilation of Facebook, Google Plus, and Yelp reviews. The page should also give visitors a chance to leave a review of your gym and training services. However, one word of caution, make sure that you can read customer reviews before they are published on your site to avoid being spammed by people who have never been to your gym.

Gym Blog

Did you know that an active blog can help you to increase your SEO ranking? That's right, a blog is the perfect media for publishing fresh content to your website. It is also a place where you can provide relevant training tips to website visitors, current gym members, potential business partners, and future gym members. Below are a few tips to get your creative juices flowing as you decide what to publish on your blog.

  • Training tips that build on lessons learned or exercises completed in one of your classes.
  • Diet tips for a healthy, holistic lifestyle.
  • Weight loss tips that are specific to the classes or training services that you offer at your gym.
  • Local upcoming fitness events. (Don't forget, local fitness oriented events are a great place to network and meet new potential gym members.)
  • Exciting news updates. For example, a new trainer might have joined your team or you might have added a new class to the roster.
  • Customer appreciation posts. Gym members love when their hard work is recognized. Whether you choose to have a "Friday Member Feature" or a monthly contest, it is always a good idea to show your members that you appreciate their support and hard work.

Email Opt-In On Your Home Page

We live in a digital society where people are constantly on the move, which means they rely on their mobile devices. No one wants to spend more than a few seconds looking for contact information or an email opt-in feature if they want to quickly sign-up for gym updates. Place your email opt-in on your home page to increase conversion rates and more effectively build your contact list. Want to sweeten the deal? Offer site visitors a free visitor pass, discount voucher, free personal training session, or downloadable ebook when they complete the email opt-in form.

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Linked Social Media Accounts

Put your social media marketing efforts to good use by including links on your website. Whether you choose to include the linked social media icons in the sidebar, footer, or header, or on your contact us page, you should ensure that it's easy for visitors to find and connect with you on social media. It's a simple, yet effective feature that can help you to expand the reach of your social media and website marketing efforts to current and future gym members.

Online Class Registration

Make It Easy For People To Sign-up For Classes.  Have you ever visited a gym website that spent a lot of digital real estate talking about their classes? After reading about each class did you discover that you had wasted your time because you had to call to sign-up? The latter scenario is one of the top mistakes that gym owners make when creating their websites. To avoid this mistake you should give site visitors multiple opportunities to sign-up for classes. To do this implement the following strategies:

  • Current gym member sign-in. The sign-in portal should have a schedule of upcoming classes, as well as the member's previous class history and preferred payment method.
  • Each class description should have an embedded sign-up form. The form should direct current members to either sign into their profile or use their phone number (or email) to reserve their place in the class. Non-members should be encouraged to create a secure profile or use their phone number (or email) to reserve their spot in the class.

The moral of the story is simple, the above gym website features can help you to more effectively reach, connect, and engage with site visitors. For additional help creating a powerful website, visit Wodify to discover the benefits of an all-in-one gym management software solution.

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