Continuing Education Part 3: Fitness Edition

Continuing Education Part 3: Fitness Edition

Continuing Education Part 3: Fitness Edition

The health and fitness world is continuously evolving, but is your staff? As a Fitness Business owner, the heart of your success lies in your coaches and staff. General Fitness is well….general, but there are plenty of certification schools that offer courses in various typesthat range from mobility to weightlifting and everything in between. These certifications will put your trainers in a position where they can lead individuals or a class through specialized movements and workouts. By continuing their education in different areas of fitness it allows both you and your trainers to offer a wide variety of classes and workshops to increase your revenue and clientele base. We’ve listed 3 routes that you can offer your staff to further their fitness education.


The most obvious, but time-consuming and costly route is to enroll at an accredited university. You can obtain many different degrees in a variety of areas that your trainers would be more than qualified to run as classes at your gym. Some of these degrees are:

  • Exercise Science
  • Kinesiology
  • Athletic Training
  • Physical Education
  • Health Sciences

You might even find that trainers are over-qualified and may move into careers such as Physical Therapy or Sports Training, but working at your gym can help them gain on-the-floor experience which is invaluable.

National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)

NASM is one of the most popular and accredited academies which offers certifications in both personal training, group training, and continuing education courses. If your trainers are also looking to get certified and gain more knowledge in nutrition and wellness, NASM offers that also.

Something to note, a CPR/AED certification is required to hold a certification through NASM and must always be up-to-date. They currently do offer these courses online.

Each course that you purchase online comes with the test fee included, but you can also purchase re-tests if needed. Some interesting courses that are offered include (but definitely not limited to): 

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American Counsel on Exercise (ACE)

Thiswidely known certification school is referred to as,ACE. Similar to NASM, these courses are offered online and at your own pace. Whenever you purchase a certification course, the test comes with it and has the option to purchase re-tests if needed.

ACE requires you to hold an ACE certification first before allowing you to complete any of their continuing education courses. They are currently offering a CEC Power Pass which is a monthly fee that gives access to over “100 cutting-edge courses” and you can get CPR/AED certification through a smart certification app. 

Some of the continuing education courses that are offered through ACE are:

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Are you looking for continuing education for CrossFit or Martial Arts staff? Check out Part 1 and Part 2 of our blog series!

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