The top 3 CrossFit events this spring

Top CrossFit events this spring | CrossFit competitions

The top 3 CrossFit events this spring

Spring is always an exciting time for competitive CrossFit athletes. That’s because every April, tons of community events, fitness festivals and serious competitions are getting underway in anticipation for the CrossFit Games every August.

We’ve already had an amazing CrossFit Open season with millions of athletes around the globe participating in the sport of fitness, but that’s just the beginning.  The rest of the season is slated to be an exciting one, so CrossFit fans and athletes should buckle up for a stellar lineup of competitions over the next few months.

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Festivus Games

Love Seinfeld? Love CrossFit? Great. The seventh-annual Festivus Games might be the perfect competition for you.

This event, which is designed specifically for novice and intermediate athletes, will take place at over 150 CrossFit locations across the United States, Canada and Australia. It’s a fun, challenging and inclusive event that got more than 19,000 athletes involved last year, so find a Festivus Games near you and get ready to throw down.

The CrossFit Games Online Qualifier

Once the CrossFit Open ends every year, the top 200 masters and teenagers from each division will have the opportunity to face off during the CrossFit Games Online Qualifier, which is scheduled for April 19-23. The lifts are difficult and require serious technical skill, but that’s why only the best of the best will qualify for the CrossFit Regionals in May.

Like the Open, workouts can be submitted via video as long as they use a registered judge. Whether you’re participating or merely following along, the Online Qualifier is sure to get you pumped up for the Games.

The CrossFit Games Regionals

The 2018 CrossFit Games Regionals kick off on May 18 with the East Regional, South Regional, and Europe Regional. And this year’s competition is going to be hot!

The following week, keep your eyes peeled for the Central, West and Latin America Regionals on May 25. We’re not sure who will be competing yet, but we can’t wait to watch each athlete give it their all.

Finally, the Atlantic, Meridian and Pacific Regionals will start on June 1, giving way to a complete roster of CrossFit Games competitors.

Get ready for the year’s hottest CrossFit events

Whether you’re a competitive athlete or simply a CrossFit fan, keep your eyes on the exciting CrossFit events coming your way this spring.  It’s going to be a fun spring in the world of CrossFit. Good luck competing, and enjoy the show!

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