Highlights from our WOD U, "Integrating your website to drive revenue"

Is your gym’s website helping to generate new lead opportunities? Is it driving revenue to your business? Are new and existing members quickly and easily finding the information they need? If you’re not sure, the latest edition of WOD U, Wodify’s webinar series, is a great resource.


This session was moderated by Lindsey Johnson, Wodify’s Director of Customer Advocacy, and Nate Carter, Customer Success Manager. In addition, Eric Allen, VP of Strategy and Clay Weldon, founder of the 321GoProject were on hand to answer questions and offer more helpful advice. The video for our latest WOD U, "Integrating your website to drive revenue," is located above, but here's a recap:

1. How to use the lead contact form to drive new opportunities

Lindsey and Nate outline the process of setting up the customizable lead contact form with Wodify Core’s gym management software and explained how it can help you attract new customers. The contact form can be embedded onto your gym’s public website to make it easy for leads to get in touch with you.

2. Dispositioning your leads

Once potential customers have taken the first step, it’s up to you to follow through. This part of the webinar shows you the status options available for all leads and how to categorize them. Especially important is dealing with those leads with a trial status. Lindsey and Nate go over the proper steps to make sure your list of leads stays organized so you don’t wind up with duplicate accounts, or waste time trying to convert an old lead.

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3. Taking advantage of the sales portal

The online sales portal is a great way to offer memberships directly from your website. It saves time for the administrator, customers who know exactly what they want to purchase and drop-ins who want to make payments and reservations ahead of time. In this discussion, there are tons of useful tips to help you run your gym more efficiently.

4. The benefits of pushing workouts to your website

This section of the webinar covers the reasoning behind publishing your workouts on your public website. Most importantly, it’s to drive traffic to your site and to make sure everyone is prepared before they come to the gym. Additionally, the moderators walk through how to embed your website with classes 2.0 — our gym software’s interactive calendar showing your class schedule, the coaches running them and the number of attendees signed up.

5. How to optimize your website

Marketing and brand design expert — Clay Weldon of the 321GoProject —  joined the group to provide five tips for creating a successful CrossFit website. Easy to implement, yet often overlooked, his advice focused on giving potentially intimidated first-time members the information needed to get over their fears and into your gym.

6. New features/Q&A

Finally, Lindsey, Nate and Eric Allen answered questions from attendees and offered a sneak peek at two new upcoming Wodify Core features — shared payments and groups.

The shared payments feature will allow all members of a family to use the same payment method. The groups feature allows members who do not have an email address, namely children, to join Wodify Core without any complications.

This webinar was jammed with information and helpful tips on getting the most from your website to drive revenue. For the entire experience, check out the video!

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