Behind the Numbers: Why 11 is the Magic Number for Attendance Frequency

Behind the Numbers: Why 11 is the Magic Number for Attendance Frequency

Behind the Numbers: Why 11 is the Magic Number for Attendance Frequency

Wodify is a leading all-in-one fitness management software, trusted by over 5,000 of the world’s top businesses. With one of the industry's largest & most accurate datasets, we decided to create this blog series to share specific metrics that are proven to drive results, insights from the most successful gyms, and how Wodify customers can track their progress. 


Welcome back to Wodify’s "Behind the Numbers” blog series, your gym owner's guide to data-driven success. In our last blog, we dove into how using your own gym’s data can increase your revenue. In this edition, we explore the critical relationship between attendance frequency and client retention in the fitness industry.

By combining industry data with your own gym’s trends, you’re on a fast track to crushing your revenue goals! Read on to: 

  • Discover attendance patterns from over 900,000 clients
  • Gain strategies for improving retention and attendance 
  • Understand new client attendance trends

Now, let’s explore the data and strategies that can propel your gym business to new heights!

The Data Uncovered

Attendance and Retention Made Simple:

We crunched the attendance numbers from over 990,000 clients of Wodify gyms since 2022, and here's what we found:

While some clients only attend the gym once per month, and others attend every single day, the average client attends 8 times per month. Check out this graph to see the range across the fitness industry: 

Across the fitness industry, we found that:

  • The majority, 60%, of clients are only attending 10 times or less per month. 
  • While only 16% of clients are attending more than half the days of the month. 

Put simply- the majority of clients aren't sticking to their gym routines. To grow loyalty and boost attendance, it’s time to focus on customer retention strategies!

Does that sound similar to your gym’s attendance trends? Wodify-powered gyms can use our Custom Reporting tool to analyze their attendance patterns! 

New Client Trends

New clients have the power to boost revenue at your gym through their:

  • Length of engagement (LEG). This metric, pioneered by Two Brain Business, helps determine how long a client is likely to stay at your gym.
  • Lifetime value. This is the total revenue a client generates for your business.

We found that as a new client’s attendance goes up, so does their length of engagement and overall lifetime value for your gym:

New clients who attended frequently in their first month and increased attendance by up to 25% in their second month contributed to the highest length of engagement (8.6 months) and lifetime value ($1,344) for their gyms. 

Keep reading to unlock the perfect attendance number for your new and existing clients!

What does this mean for your gym?

Here at Wodify, we are passionate about how increasing client retention can transform your business and revenue. We crunched the numbers and found the magic attendance number for increased client retention is 11 attendances!

If your new client is attending 11 or more classes per month, their odds of renewing is 99%. Check out this graph below to see the average retention rate per number of attendances:

Increasing client retention rates from 93% to 99% can mean hundreds of dollars of increased revenue for your business! Lucky for you, we’ve got all the tips and tricks on increasing client attendance to that sweet spot of 11 classes below 👇

Wodify-powered gyms can use Wodify’s Retain, an AI-powered tool, to automatically get notified if a client is at risk of leaving your gym. Retain considers these attendance trends (among several other indicators of client retention) when flagging clients as at-risk! 

The Impact on a Fitness Business Owner’s Bottom Line + Tips

  • Implement Rewards for Consistent Attendance:

Consider introducing a rewards program for clients who have consistent attendance. Offer incentives like discounts, merchandise, or exclusive classes to encourage clients to attend regularly. This not only boosts retention but also overall engagement! 

With our upcoming feature, Wodify Workflows , you can send automatic personalized messages at important moments in the customer journey — like progress achievements and class attendance milestones!

  • Optimize Class Schedules:

Dive into your attendance trends to optimize your class schedules. Schedule popular classes during peak attendance times and adjust your timetable to match the most sought-after time slots. This maximizes your facility's capacity and revenue potential.

Wodify’s Customer Retention Platform will analyze and build custom reports so you can effortlessly track peak attendance times to maximize revenue.

  • Tailor Membership Plans to Attendance Habits:

Use the attendance data to create membership plans that cater to different attendance frequencies. Offer flexible plans for occasional attendees and more cost-effective options for consistent visitors. This tailored approach can attract a broader clientele and boost your revenue.

  • Boost Attendance with Fun Contests

Encourage regular class attendance by organizing attendance contests, like completing 15 classes in 30 days. These friendly competitions not only motivate members but also foster a vibrant and engaged fitness community, ultimately improving retention rates.

  • Prioritize Client Retention Strategies

Client retention isn't just a strategy; it's the lifeline of your gym's success. By prioritizing client retention, you're laying the foundation for long-term growth and a thriving fitness community. Take your client retention efforts to the next level with the power of a Client Retention Platform like Wodify. Our cutting-edge solution is tailored to supercharge your gym’s retention, revenue, and longevity! 

We hope you found these insights & advice useful for your business! Keep an eye out for more posts in this series as we continue to explore the data in Wodify. 

If you aren’t using Wodify, you can book a free consultation here and get 50% off your first 3 months!

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