Behind the Numbers: Harness the Power of Client Progression Tracking

Behind the Numbers: Harness the Power of Client Progression Tracking

Behind the Numbers: Harness the Power of Client Progression Tracking

Wodify is a leading all-in-one fitness management software, trusted by 5,000 of the world’s top businesses. With one of the largest & most accurate datasets in the industry, we decided to create this blog series in order to share specific metrics that are proven to drive results, insights from the most successful gyms, and how Wodify customers can track their progress. 


Did you know Wodify’s Customer Retention Platform allows your clients to track their accomplishments AND see how close they are to achieving their future goals? Wodify’s progressions is an effective tool for clients to maintain engagement, while simultaneously providing valuable insights for your business regarding client performance. 

In this Behind the Numbers, we’ll dive into how using progressions can increase client retention and revenue for your business.

The Data Uncovered

Using Two Brain Business’ definition of length of engagement, we calculated to see how long clients would likely stay as members at your gyms. We found that clients who participate in progression tracking have almost double the length of engagement at their fitness facility, than those who do not participate!

Check it out below:

Business Revenue and Progressions

Great news! Not only do clients who participate in progression tracking have a higher length of engagement, but they also bring in higher revenue for your business. Check out the graph below:

Curious to see how your type of fitness facility experiences revenue change before and after the use of progressions? Well, we pulled revenue data from Bootcamp/HIIT, CrossFit Affiliate, Functional Fitness, and Martial Arts facilities to show you:

The Impact on a Fitness Business Owner’s Bottom Line + Tips

1. Celebrate Client Achievements:

Fostering a supportive gym environment is key to increasing client retention! It’s important for coaches and owners to ensure their clients feel motivated and supported in their fitness journey. This includes providing the tools needed to track progressions, regularly communicating with clients about their progressions, and celebrating their achievements!  

Wodify’s progression allows you, your coaches, AND your clients to easily keep track of their progressions. We offer progression tracking for belt levels, skill levels, loyalty programs, and basically anything your clients can level up through! 

2. Personalize the Client Experience: 

Encourage your coaches to help their clients develop a personal progression plan. The goal is to focus on achievable milestones that align with each client’s fitness goals, but don’t be afraid to aim high! When coaches are involved with client progression tracking, they can take their goals to new heights. 

Wodify’s coachview allows coaches to keep track of client results and access their entire performance history! Making it easier than ever for coaches to stay updated on client progressions.  

3. Incentivize Progression Tracking: 

Get clients pumped about advancing through their fitness journey! Offer incentives, like free services, if a client progresses through a certain goal. Or, implement tiered membership structures that offer varying levels of progression-based services. For example, upsell personalized training plans, workshops, or coaching sessions that focus on helping clients achieve goals more effectively.

Wodify makes it easier than ever to implement tiered membership structures by creating new membership templates that can be personalized! 

4. Analyze Your Business Trends 

Now that we’ve shown you the potential revenue growth opportunities for adding progression tracking to your fitness facility, it's time to start tracking your own trends! Continue to monitor your business’ revenue growth as you implement new client retention strategies, such as progression tracking. Remember to tailor your approach based on the trends you see in your business’ data. 

Not a big data person? Don’t worry, because we are! Wodify’s Customer Retention Platform will analyze and build custom reports for you so you can effortlessly track all of your business analytics.

Leverage the power of progression tracking to create a more engaging, satisfying, and financially successful experience for both you and your clients! Remember, the key lies in personalized goal-setting, consistent monitoring, and effectively communicating the value of progressions to your clientele.

If you aren’t using Wodify yet, you can book a free consultation here.

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