Expert Advice: 5 Effective Promotions for Marketing Your Gym

Does your gym have amazing trainers? Do you have an amazing community of fitness enthusiasts? No matter what your box or gym has to offer, you need to do more than simply hope that people will discover your amazing business. Fortunately, the following five gym promotions will help you to connect with your intended audience, so that you can grow your business and tell all of the right people about the benefits of your gym.

1. Sponsor Charities.

Sponsoring a charitable event or charity organization is a great way to not only promote your gym, but to give back to your community in a positive fashion. Whether you choose to host a charitable run (with proceeds donated to the charity of choice), or want to have a donation collection area at the reception area, sponsoring a charity can help to increase your brand recognition, generate positive press, and place your services in front of a new set of clientele. Speaking of positive press, don't forget the power of a good press release, blog post, or news article. Sponsoring the charity is the first step in gym promotions, the next step is to tell people about your good deed.

2. Give Back With Freebies

People love free things. In fact, giveaways are a proven marketing tactic that can help gyms or Crossfit boxes appeal to a large audience, including: potential new members, current members, business partners, and the local community. The key to giveaways is that you need to engage with visitors, so that you can show them that you are genuinely interested in their health, fitness, and well-being. An authentic connection will help to turn visitors into actual gym members, rather than "the people who only stopped by for the free swag."

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3. Member Appreciation Gym Promotion.

One of the easiest ways to promote your gym is via member appreciation campaigns. You can use social media, your website, or a designated wall of fame at your gym to promote the achievements of your members. Don't forget that the fitness community that supports each other is the gym that comes together to sing each other's praises. In other words, gym marketing is not only about acquiring new members, it is also about giving back to your current members. Through this simple promotion tactic you can strengthen your fitness community and subsequently encourage positive word of mouth reviews.

4. Flash Special on Anniversary

The anniversary of your box or gym opening is the perfect chance to bring together potential new gym members with your loyal members. Start by hosting an event to celebrate the occasion. Offer a door prize give-away to the first 50 non-members to visit the gym. Take things one step further and offer a free service for any current members who bring a non-member to the party. Finally, be sure to update your contact list during the event. Ask non-members to leave their contact information, encourage them to take a brochure to learn more, and (if the budget allows it) offer them a free piece of swag that will remind them to come back and take a class.

5. Social Media Marketing Promotions

You spent time creating your social media accounts. Do you post tips and inspirational messages on Facebook, fill Instagram with action shots and customer appreciation photos, and you use LinkedIn to connect with local fitness businesses and enthusiasts? If you answered "no," then it's time that you start actively promoting your gym via social media. However, if you answered "yes," then you should boost your gym marketing efforts with social media gym promotions. You can try an Instagram slim down challenge, offer a free month visitor pass for a Google review, or give away a free training session for new check-ins via Foursquare or Facebook.

The moral of the story is clear, there are countless gym marketing opportunities that will help you to effectively spread the word about your box or gym. Through the above five gym promotions you can appeal to both current and future clients, while simultaneously improving your marketing reach. To further improve your business and marketing techniques, visit Wodify and discover an all-in-one gym management software solution.

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