Six Local Marketing Tips to Promote Your Gym

Local marketing is so important for small gyms and their owners, and the following six tips from Wodify can help you improve your own local marketing efforts:

#1 Take Advantage of SMS

Businesses have been taking advantage of SMS communication for years now, and it continues to be so effective because it is immediate and personalized. For many younger consumers, SMS messaging is actually a more common form of daily communication versus social media or talking on the phone, so using the Wodify Core SMS messaging feature well help you text out news, trial offers, and discounts much more quickly and easily.

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#2 Use Facebook Ad Targeting

Many small businesses, including local gyms, are turning their attention to Facebook ads, which have quickly become one of the most effective local marketing strategies available. Start by conducting some research on your target consumer group and then make your ad-targeting through social media as specific as possible. The more you test, the more you’ll be able to localize your message and best reach your intended audience.

#3 Offer Promo Codes

Everybody loves a deal, and Wodify Core allows gym owners to generate promo codes that help potential customers save money. Whether it’s a discount applied toward membership dues or a handful of free workouts, being able to generate promo codes and promote them via social media gives customers more reasons and opportunities to seek out your gym.

#4 Publish a Blog with Locally-Focused Content

Wodify Core integrates seamlessly with Wordpress blog services, so you can automatically publish daily workouts to your blog, simultaneously driving brand awareness and saving time in the process. Of course, a big part of local SEO is generating unique content, and locally-focused blogs are gold for boosting your search results in Google. It takes a little extra effort, but focused content can go a long way toward building a rapport with your local readership and customer base.

#5 Use Social Media to Promote Positive Reviews

Word-of-mouth recommendations are priceless for your business, and in today’s world, that word-of-mouth communication operates in the virtual space. If you’re getting strong reviews on Facebook, Yelp or Google, make sure you use your social media accounts to help promote them. The more people can see how much your current customers love coming to your gym, the more likely they are to invest in a membership themselves.

#6 Organize Charity Events

Charity events sometimes feel tailor-made for gym marketing, especially in the world of CrossFit, which is famous for being especially charitable and community-focused. If you would like to generate some positive press in your local newspaper (which is free, by the way), then consider hosting a charity event at your gym with Wodify Live and donate the proceeds to a worthwhile nonprofit organization.

Wodify Core is an ideal software solution that helps gym owners focus their local marketing efforts. If you’d like more information about how this software can help bring more customers into your gym, visit and we’ll be happy to get you on the right track toward a more effective local marketing strategy.

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