Slow This Summer? Try These Tips To Boost Your Gym’s Business

Every gym owner in America knows that summer is the slow season in the industry. It happens for a number of reasons, including customers leaving on vacations, people opting to exercise outdoors in the nicer weather, and gym members just getting out of the normal workout routines that are easier to maintain during the school year.

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Whatever the reason, things slow down for gyms in the summertime, which means owners need to make the most of their gym membership software and ingenuity to get people to head through their doors just like they do in the busier season. It isn’t easy, but it’s certainly possible, especially if you use some of these tips:

Initiate Fitness Challenges & Share Holiday Workouts

One of the best ways to keep customers engaged throughout the summer is to keep them active with each other through ongoing fitness challenges and holiday workout ideas that keep them busy even when they’re away from home. You can use Wodify Rise to easily plan & run challenges, giving participants access to leaderboards via the mobile app.

As for the holiday workouts, assigning simple workouts that someone can do in a hotel room or at the beach is a great way to keep members connected to their home box even when they’re on vacation.

Get Creative With Your Programming

If some customers are making excuses to avoid the box because they’d rather be exercising outside, maybe consider turning some of your daily programming to the great outdoors. A little Vitamin D never hurt anybody, and outside workouts really can motivate people, whether that be through a fun run, some morning yoga, or even through a more intense boot camp. Try using the parking lot near your gym or relocate to a park or nearby outdoor space.

Run Promotions

Use your existing loyal customers as your best sales people by offering a refer-a-friend promotion. If you can get them to convince a friend to sign up for a membership, consider rewarding them with a free month for their efforts. Also consider some giveaways through your social media accounts to help people at least stay engaged with your brand, even if they haven’t been coming to the gym in person as often.

Sponsor Competitions

Summer is a huge season for CrossFit competitions, and no events are bigger for boxes than those big competitions. If you can come up with a good charitable cause for your event to help encourage sign-ups, there’s a great chance that you can drum up some excitement in the summertime when things typically are slower at gyms. You can use Wodify Arena to run your event from start to finish.

Be creative, keep things fun, and more than anything, make sure you stay in constant communication with your members!

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