How to leverage Wodify Core’s new Segment rules right now

You wouldn’t coach two gym members the same way. That should also apply to the emails you send, which is why we launched nine new Segments in Wodify Core. Now you can send leads and members laser-focused emails that help you attract and keep the right customers at your gym.

We’ll take a closer look at our new Segmenting options, but first I’ll go over how the feature works. I’ll also give you some tips on how you can use our new rules to improve the effectiveness of your marketing and reporting.

Let’s dive in!


Getting started with Segments

Segments let you group people with similar traits into lists based on criteria like:

  • Age;
  • Gender;
  • Lead status;
  • And more!

After creating a Segment, you can target that group’s preferences or behaviors in your messaging.

So for example, you could create a Segment of new leads to send them discounts, free trials or promo codes. You could also create a Segment of athletes with an unpaid invoice. Here’s how:

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This can improve the performance of emails across the board. But aside from marketing, our Segments bring more detail, flexibility and intelligence to your data in Wodify Insights. Use them to filter reports and answer questions like:

  • What is the average age range of my leads?
  • How many customers pay with a credit card or ACH?
  • Which class attracts the most leads?

Segments are a powerful tool and setting them up takes a few clicks. To get started, watch this video below. It will show you how to create a new Segment in Wodify Core, step by step.


Slicing and dicing with new Segment recipes

Our new Segments are specific to leads and athletes in Wodify Core. There are dozens of ways to leverage them, but here are some ideas to get your juices flowing.

Lead segments
  1. Referred by: Use this segment to create a list of leads who were referred to your gym by family and friends. Looking to grow that list? Reward members with incentives when they refer people to your gym.
  2. Created from source: Do you generate more leads through your web form or online sales portal? Find out with our “Created from source” segment and use it to inform your marketing strategy.
Segments for athletes
  1. Member since: Who are your gym’s OGs? Identify long time customers and send emails recognizing their dedication using our “Member since” segment.
  2. Store credit: Keep track of gym members with store credit. You might consider emailing them promotions on retail items, workshops or competitions.
  3. Email subscription: Who’s subscribing to your emails? Using our new Segment rules, you can create a list and find out in seconds.
  4. Has payment method: This athlete-specific rule lets you isolate members with or without a payment option. You can also set the list to auto update with new users who fit this criteria.
  5. Has unpaid invoice: You can use this option to group members with an outstanding balance together. I recommend creating a series of automated emails reminding them to pay their invoice, change payment methods or check the balance in their bank accounts.
  6. Has membership: This segment helps you identify whether someone has a membership or not. Use it to pinpoint people with an unpaid invoice!
  7. SMS subscription: Create a list of people subscribed to text message updates. Consider sending promo codes or exclusive discounts to keep your gym top-of-mind.

Time to divide and conquer

There are countless ways to apply our new Segmenting options. And when used alongside our Zapier integration, we’re positive they’ll revolutionize how you interpret data, communicate with customers and market to new leads.

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