When is it time to hire full-time staff at your gym?

When first opening their businesses, most gym owners start out doing everything themselves. This strategy may work for a while. But as the business grows, the workload will become too much for one person to manage.

At that point, gym owners may find themselves wondering whether it’s time to consider hiring staff. Gym management is not easy, and the following signs may indicate that it’s time to hire full-time help:

#1 You feel massively overworked.

When the business starts flowing, the numbers of hours worked in a week also picks up. You may not realize how many hours you’re adding over time. But eventually you could find yourself spending too much time at work, which leads to burnout.

No one likes feeling like they’re been run ragged. If your work-life balance is totally out of whack, it might be time to hire some help.

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#2 You stopped producing quality work.

If you’re spending too many hours on certain tasks, it might mean you don’t have enough time to devote to more important work. For example, if you’re devoting more hours to bringing in new clients and tracking customer payments, you may not be able to create workouts with the passion you once had. If the work is suffering, it’s time to find some help so you can stay great at what you do.

#3 You lost your passion for your work.

Let’s face it —  you opened your gym because you love planning workouts, coaching clients and helping members reach their fitness goals. But maybe the day-to-day grind of running a business gets in the way of doing what you love. If you find yourself growing to dislike certain aspects of the work, hiring someone to manage administrative tasks could allow you to rediscover your passion.

#4 You spend too much time managing logistics.

While Wodify gym management software absolutely can help with day-to-day CrossFit box management, at some point business owners get so focused on the logistics of surviving that they fail to manage their current business properly. Bringing someone on board to help you run your gym may be exactly what you need for your business too thrive.  

#5 You can afford it.

Of course, all this is moot if you aren’t seeing enough success to pay an employee. Chances are, though, if the first four things on this list are true for you, you’ve grown to a point where you can pay an employee or two. In many cases, you almost can’t afford not to add an employee, as your business will suffer without the extra help.

If you want to stay happy as a gym owner and you want your gym to thrive, there will come a time when you must add more staff. It’s a good thing, though! It’s a sign your business is growing the way it’s supposed to.

If you need help finding the right person for the job, read our tips for recruiting great CrossFit coaches to your box. We go over everything you should consider during the hiring process to ensure you’re bringing on top-notch talent. Check it out!

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