Dan does CrossFit

Follow Our Employee Dan On His CrossFit Journey!

The Wodify team has its fair share of fitness freaks and fanatics, including Dan McMahon, one of our customer success agents. Dan recently started a new CrossFit regimen. He’s following InVictus Programming and tracking his entire experience on Instagram! You can follow him at @dann_does_crossfit to track his progress.

Lindsey Johnson, Director of Customer Advocacy at Wodify, sat down with Dan to discuss what he’s hoping to accomplish during his CrossFit journey.

L: Tell me about yourself.

D: "In 2016, I started working out with a trainer named HK. He's a fitness model at ESCAPE Fitness Center. I was there for a couple years. I lost around 30-40 lbs at the time. He was super motivational and I got the bug then. But after a while,  I dropped and went back to my ways — eating crappy food and drinking."

L: How did you end up at Wodify?

D: “This past summer, I did a musical with Wodify’s CEO Ameet Shah and his daughter Meena. I told him I was really inspired by the fitness thing. We ended up talking and he told me to interview and that he wasn’t going to do me any favors. But I interviewed and got the job at Wodify. Once I got here, I did some CrossFit with Carlo. I was going to the gym every day. But during the winter I dropped off again.”

L: What made you start again?

D: “I guess the idea that I could be accountable, and I don't have to do it by myself. I feel better if there are other people doing it with me.I would like to join a gym and a community in the future but right now I'm just getting started. I like that I get to workout with my coworkers and friends. And the fact that I’m working my whole body.  I'm not just doing one thing… basically I just want to be a kingpin. My goal is Ben Affleck when he was Batman.”

L: What’s the plan now?

D: “I love social media. If I involve myself with social media, I know people are watching, following and holding me accountable. So if I make a spectacle out of it they'll hold me accountable. In reality I don’t want to die when I'm 30.”

L: Are you tracking your results?

D: “I’m using Wodify to track my results, mostly so that I can see my own progress, and look back on it in a few months or a year to see how far I've come.”

L: What's the best part about doing CrossFit now?

D: “I feel great for the rest of the day. I'm overall happier. You would think you have less energy, but my body is wide awake. It's also great because it's a great feeling to start it off right, it makes me want to make better decisions throughout the day because I don’t want to ruin what I did in the morning. It's a better experience of being alive.”

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L: What's the hardest part?

D: “Learning it, getting the form down, and making sure I'm doing everything right.”

L: What's a specific goal other than looking like Batman?

D: “Lose 100lbs in a year and work out four times per week. I want working out to be second nature, just the fact that I'm planning on working out every day, I want to be able to do cool stuff like handstand walks.”

L: I heard you want to go to the CrossFit Games, to observe? Why?

D: “I want to meet all those people. I want to workout with them. I really want to see it though. That stuff’s cool. I like the creativity of the Crossfit games, because it allows for ingenuity and change, which is cool.”

L: What about the nutrition part?

D: “I'm not heavy paleo, I eat less processed foods, less sugar, less gluten etc. but I'm not going to go crazy, because then I'll stop entirely. I'll have to work on my weekends and try to keep up with it. During the week it's easy because I meal prep and then I eat what I prep.”

L: Do you have a goal for followers for@Dann_Does_CrossFit?

D: “I would love to have over a thousand, but no real set goal, I just want to be held accountable. I want people to notice if I don’t post.”

Editor's note:

It’s been pretty amazing watching Dan’s first full week of CrossFit, we can’t wait to see what he does. Stay in the loop @wodify or @Dann_Does_CrossFit on Instagram!


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