Box of the Month CrossFit 110

“We Are Humble, We are Strong”

Meet Wodify Box of the Month CrossFit 110

Chelmsford, MA

Meet Susanne Duato, Founder and Coach at CrossFit 110 in Chelmsford, MA. She holds a degree in Human Nutrition and Exercise Science from UMASS Amherst and is certified as a CrossFit coach, personal trainer, nutrition counselor, and youth performance trainer. Her partner Jim runs all of the “On Ramping” classes for new members as well as providing huge value from a backend business management and mentorship.

Prior to starting CrossFit 110, Susanne went to school for nutrition and worked in a clinical setting however, she always preferred working in preventative care rather than just treating ailments.This lead her to a career in personal training and consulting. While working as a personal trainer her friend introduced her to CrossFit and she was immediately hooked. She started to see these crazy results, and she even started doing CrossFit style with my clients. Opening CrossFit 110 was a natural progression for Susanne.

W: Can you give me a little info on CrossFit110?

We opened in 2012, we’ve have 4 main coaches, about 155 strictly CrossFit members, and another 100ish of those that have different memberships, including boot-camp, sports performance clinics, obstacle racing clinics, nutrition and personal training. Most of our members are looking for the social aspect of CrossFit, to have a great time with friends, to get in and out in one hour, and to look good in a bathing suit.

W: What do you enjoy about being an owner?

It’s not a super lucrative career, so you have to love it. It’s a grind sometimes but thankfully I’ve never once gotten up and not wanted to go to work.

W: I asked Susanne for an example of an athlete success story and she has too many for this article.

Susanne did mention one athlete, Eric who actually recommended Wodify to her. He has an amazing transformation story that you can read here.

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The Leading Gym Software.

W: What do you feel makes you different that other gyms?

We’ve always really focused on the things that are the most important to us. We’ve diversified, who we are and what do we do best. We understood that CrossFit was enough to run a profitable business, but we wanted to enhance [our members] experience. What are the things that make that experience even better? Getting enough equipment for everyone, running our business with mindfulness, participating in fundraisers, our community always want to participate in projects. This is more than just a workout for them, this is bigger than just getting exercise. We want our members to engage and be around fit people who want to be around other fit people.

W: Were you using any other management system, software or pen and paper, before beginning to use Wodify?

You can’t run a business these days without some kind of software. We were using Zen Planner prior to Wodify and a member brought it to my attention (Eric mentioned above).

I had been having trouble getting coaches to take attendance. There was a need for putting out some fires, an easier way of managing memberships, and attendance, and getting a good snapshot on membership and what it looks like.

W: How was Wodify received by your athletes and coaches?

Right out of the gate, everyone was on board. Members just naturally adopted the program and their use to it. It was so easily adopted, in fact I get more complaints if they can’t sign in or something because they love it so much!

W: Did you notice changes in how your athletes performed after beginning to see their results in Wodify?

They really don’t have anything to compare to unless they were tracking their own progress beforehand. But yes, since they can see other’s scores on there and what they like and what they don’t like.

There’s so much activity - everybody feeds off of that. The foundations of the software are very well matched to CrossFit’s community based foundation.

W: How has Wodify changed/helped your personal day to day?

The Impact on our revenues has been significant, reporting has been so much better, adoption is better, attendance is better, we are actually finding money!

From an affiliate owner who’s absolutely balancing a million things, anything that allows me to simplify and know who’s in and who’s not in class, share announcements and know that people are seeing them and it’s all in one place - it’s been great!

It’s easy to get a good vibe when you’re not there, how many members are paying/not paying/ I feel like I can press a button and I can get that information. It’s had a huge impact on the bottom line. I feel 100% confident because the data is accurate the reports are intuitive and helpful.

W: How has Wodify changed/helped your members?

We had so many pluses and minuses for the whiteboard (the actual whiteboard) - only the people that did well in their workout were writing on it.

“This is so different, it’s tamer than that. Everybody get’s likes on their performances... From the first people to finish to the last. People aren’t jerks, they are going to like everybody’s stuff… no one’s liking your whiteboard when you use the kind you erase in the gym.”

The only people that are writing are the ones who are proud of how they did, and then you try to get the others to write their times etc and they’re like “ugh I don’t really care how I did’ - “with wodify everybody is saying “great job, high five”

It provides that group mentality, “it sparks that conversation, but it’s happening outside the gym time, which is all because of the software, you wouldn’t know this stuff it the software weren’t there. “

W: Do you have a favorite feature? If so what?

There’s so many things I really like - I love the whiteboard feature. That alone is probably the most significant because that’s what creates the adoption that everything else flows from. I could talk about the stuff I love as the owner, but no one cares about that. The athletes care about what they can use it for and what they see on the whiteboard.

Editor's note: Big thank you to all those gym owners that get up super early every day to support their communities and their business. We know just how hard that can be, we salute you!

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