Top CrossFit News for the Month of May, 2019

The headlines that dominated CrossFit this past month concerned HQ’s decision to shut down its Facebook and Instagram accounts. You can read the official statement here. There’s a good chance you’ve seen plenty of think pieces/reactions already, so instead, we’re going to focus on other important stories you may have overlooked.

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Pro Obstacle Course Racer Hunter McIntyre is given one of the Wild Card invites to the 2019 CrossFit Games.

”Murph” continues to inspire athletes

81 year-old CrossFit athlete Fred Murphy completes the grueling Hero WOD.

Get ready for the CrossFit Mayhem Classic, a recently announced Sanctionals event

Rich Froning’s Cookeville, TN gym will play host to an official qualifier in 2020.

CrossFit helps paralyzed man get his life back

Gunshot victim finds new purpose through intense strength and gymnastics training

CrossFit takes Progenex to court

HQ files a lawsuit against the supplement company, and former sponsor, for trademark infringement.

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