How to Use Social Media to Drive Gym Attendance & Awareness

There are a lot of reasons why social media is such an amazing tool for all small businesses like gyms and CrossFit boxes: It’s free, millions use it on a daily basis, and it remains an excellent way to communicate directly with customers. Here at Wodify, we encourage our gyms to use social media together with Wodify Core software to connect with customers more effectively. Here are a few ideas to expand your social media reach:

#1 Run Contests

If there’s one thing we know about CrossFit athletes, it’s that they love a good competition. Using social media to offer them a prize, especially a fitness-based one, is a great way to engage social media users. The more you encourage participation, the more engaged customers will be with your brand.

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#2 Post Inspirational Images and Quotes

Businesses that engage in social media should devote at least some time and energy to developing sharable content. This can include messages featuring inspirational images and quotes. Memes don’t just have to be silly; they also can be motivational and gorgeous, especially when paired with inspiring quotes.

#3 Offer Fitness Tips & Recipes

Content like fitness tips and healthy recipes are usually brief and easy to share. Because there’s seemingly an endless supply of both floating around the web, they can easily populate your feeds, and you can link to your gym as well as upcoming events.

#4 Use Facebook Ads

The latest Wodify Core update now includes integration with Facebook Pixel, which helps businesses optimize their advertising and understand how effective their ads are. Every user action is recorded, and every trigger provides more insight for your gym in order to target your ads more effectively. Every conversion allows Facebook to improve the way it delivers ads to your audience.

#5 Advertise Promotional Offers

All good businesses run promotions through their social media accounts. Your gym should do the same thing. Drive traffic to your business via social media, highlighting any current promotions your gym is offering.

#6 Publish Success Stories

People love a feel-good story! Advertise your gym to potential customers by profiling current members and their success stories. Not only will the featured members be thrilled to get some extra attention, but those on the fence about joining your gym will see that amazing success is possible by people just like them.

Wodify Core software can help organize and schedule your gym’s social media presence, as well as provide dozens of other time-saving solutions. Visit us today and learn how how Wodify can transform your business.

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