Box of the Month CrossFit Auxano

“Your growth in fitness, health and life is our priority”

Meet Matt:

Owner and Head Coach of Crossfit Auxano.  CrossFit Auxano is redefining how people view what a gym should be. “Auxano” is an ancient Greek word meaning growth or to grow. At Auxano, your growth in fitness, health and life is the priority, you are the reason we exist and your results are their mission!

Matt got hooked on CrossFit after doing some training with some CrossFit Games athletes and has been at it ever since.

We took a few minutes to speak with Matt about the opening of his new gym and how things are going so far.

W: How did the gym come about?

M: About 10 years working in the corporate world, I saw a lot of negative health effects that went with it. I just decided to branch out and do my own thing. I loved CrossFit, it was the perfect fit.

W: Can you give me a little info on Auxano?

M: The gym is new in January. It’s been about a 6-8 month process in terms of getting it all started. I started looking into it while I was working full time. I quit [my job] in the summer and focused on getting the gym going until it opened in January.

W: So far, what do you enjoy about being an owner?

M: Seeing the members’ transformation take place - a lot of our members don’t have experience with CrossFit. It’s fun to get them in here and see them grow not only in their workouts but in their lifestyle choices as well.

W: How big are the classes so far?

M: So far the largest we get right now is about 8

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W: How big is the space?

M: 3000 sq feet - not big but it’s a nice size

W: I like a small gym, it’s easier to see everyone and harder to lose people :)

W: What do you feel makes you different that other gyms?

M: We believe true fitness is far more than just showing up to a gym. It's about having a lifestyle that's conducive to giving results people want and deserve. To do this, we take a four part approach to give our members a healthy sustainable lifestyle. We've taken our methodology and developed our program, called Proven.

Proven is comprised of a four part approach to a healthy sustainable lifestyle. It includes fitness, nutrition, mentality coaching and lifestyle management. When someone becomes part of our community, they are automatically enrolled in the Proven program. We'll work with our members to develop a plan for them and help set goals that are realistic but that will push them to be a better version of themselves!

W: How many coaches to get started:

M: 2 right now - we’ll add more as we need.

W: What was the thought process in terms of managing the business and software:

M: “I had experience with it, I liked how user friendly it is, it has everything I need in there. I looked at Zen Planner and Mind Body Online, when I looked at them they seemed clunky and heavy compared on how user friendly Wodify is. It’s a value add for our community being able to use the program to track and manage the performance. It feels more professional and it legitimizes our gym more. Rather than asking them to keep track of their performance in a notebook.”

W: How was Wodify received by your athletes and coaches?

M: They like the competitive side of the whiteboard. They really love being able to go back and see their performances and figure out what their numbers are and they don’t have to do the math on their own.

W: No one likes math… :)

W: How has Wodify changed/helped your personal day to day?

M: It’s been easy and getting access to reports when I can or want to and I’ve enjoyed that. We use the point of sale quite a bit - I like it it’s really straightforward.

W: Do you have a favorite feature? If so what?

M: So far it’s just putting the workout in the system for people. It’s been good for our members to be able to prepare ahead of time and know what they need. Everyone wants to see the workout before they come in the next day - so that’s been really nice.

Are they participating in the open?

M: 8 people that are signed up, we do the workout on Fridays so everyone’s doing it they aren’t all signed up.

Editor’s Note:

Matt’s a new and growing gym in Lincoln, NE. He’s motivated to grow his community and his business by making the lives of his members better. We’re excited to watch and help him do that. Thanks Matt!

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