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Meet John Juadines, Crossfit Level-1 Coach, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Precision Nutrition L-1 Nutritionist and owner of WADBOD CrossFit in Las Vegas, NV. He’s passionate about helping people and passionate about his community and culture. I spoke to John about WADBOD, his experience as a gym owner, and his experience with Wodify so far.

W: Can you give me a little info on WADBOD?

Where did you come up with the name?

J: When I originally started my gym, we were not doing CrossFit, and the name was a play off the pronunciation of my last name. I wanted to create a word/name that was a made up word like "ZAPPOS" or "NETFLIX", in order to create a household name from a name that no one has ever heard of.

W: What's the culture like there at WADBOD?

J: We are 100% community driven. Every experience, atmosphere, programming, and policy is designed to create the strongest community possible. We are not for everyone. WADBOD is "a gathering of like-minded, goal-driven, selfless individuals working to better themselves, and each other." To achieve this level of connection/community requires the members to be willing to get out of their comfort zone and be willing to share who they are. During our Foundations course, we let the new members know that they will be joining an incredibly powerful community that will push them to achieve incredible things, but they must also accept the responsibility to be a contributing part of it.

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W: What do you enjoy about being an owner?

J: I love having the complete ability to do what I feel is right for people. I feel it is a shame in our fitness industry that too often we succumb to the clients "wants", instead of giving them what they "need" (and may really want, but may not know it yet). This doesn't sit well with some, but again, our place is not for everyone. Fortunately, this philosophy has created a group of individuals that are 100% committed to truly working hard at, as we say, better themselves and each other.

W: Can you give me an example of an athlete success story.

J: One of my greatest success stories, is a 45 year old woman that initially came to us after having a stroke. She had previously lived a life of "standard American lifestyle" and was about 60 lbs overweight. What is most remarkable is not the physical transformation, but the complete lifestyle overhaul. She now trains 6 days/week, joined our Nutrition Course, and has developed a reputation in the box as one of the most dedicated members we have.

W: What do you feel makes you different that other gyms?

J: We are not the biggest box, nor the fanciest, but what we do excel at is creating a community of people that are excited, dedicated, committed, and passionate about bettering themselves and those around them. Our feel is that the majority of people looking for a fitness center are not looking for the largest space or the newest equipment (although this aesthetic does sell memberships), we focus our energy on creating a safe, welcoming, judgement-free, and ego-free home that the members will love coming to.

W: Were you using any other management system, software or pen and paper, before beginning to use Wodify?

J: We were previously using Zen Planner. Since Switching, the WODIFY system has been everything I was hoping for. The back end is user-friendly, it does exactly what a CrossFit box owner needs, and has dramatically increased our athlete focus on their performances, and has strengthened our community.

W: How was Wodify received by your athletes and coaches?

J: Incredibly well. The members have loved it since day one. I have always emphasized how tracking scores is essential to the CrossFit methodology of an objective standard to see fitness, and having the Coachboard as a central hub of the gym has improved our atmosphere towards this philosophy.

W: Did you notice changes in how your athletes performed after beginning to see their results in Wodify?

J: There has been a lot more focus and excitement in the community on improving their performances since using Wodify. This is the main reason why I made the switch, and in this respect, Wodify has delivered.

W: How has Wodify changed/helped your personal day to day?

J: The intuitive platform has helped me be more efficient with my time. The platform makes it easy to do the tasks I need, in as little steps as possible.

W: How has Wodify changed/helped your members?

J: As stated above, my members have become more engaged and aware of their performances and have a stronger focus on improving them.

W: Do you have a favorite feature? If so what?

J: I love that my members are very engaged with the app and check it before they come. The "announcements" feature allows me the ability to make "personal contact" with my members everyday with a message of the day. The retail component/POS is also very easy to use, and does everything I expect it to do in a seamless manner.

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