Crossfit Conshohocken

We are excited to announce CrossFit Conshohocken as our Box of the Month! CrossFit Conshy, located in Conshohocken, PA, opened their doors in November 2011 and currently boast 135 members. Jay Ross, Owner and Head Coach, and his wife Lori Ross, reached out to the Wodify team back in August to get started with Wodify for athletic performance tracking. Since then, Jay and Lori have opened a second facility, CrossFit Fort Washington, with Co-owner and Head Coach, Nick Tini. Both locations are live on Wodify using it to track athlete performance and manage their box operations. We asked Jay to share his experience with Wodify to date:

How was Wodify received in your box by your athletes/coaches initially?

There was certainly a bit of a learning curve however our community and coaches learned quickly and adopted the new system fast! It was much more user friendly than previous software we had used and this certainly eased our transition. It makes people excited to turn in their times/scores for their workouts. I think our members were instantly hooked by the capabilities Wodify had to offer their training and pumped to throw away those notebooks they had been using!

How did you drive adoption and encourage users to log their results?Upon introducing Wodify, we immediately integrated it into our class culture. We walked our athletes through what to do when they arrived, then again demonstrated how to log their results when they completed their WOD. We also sent out a bunch of email correspondence and used our blog to communicate procedures and expectations.

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What would you say to people who thought technology does not belong in a box?A quick demonstration of what Wodify is and how it can assist them in their training (i.e. keeping a history of their lifts and metcons) seems to do the trick in selling technology’s place in our box. We have a young and energetic population that always seem to be on the cutting edge of the latest buzz in CrossFit. This was an easy sell, especially with the smartphone integration!

How has Wodify changed your box if at all?It has made our athletes smarter and more self-sufficient CrossFitters. They are able to navigate works better by searching their history in Wodify, and can easily compare their performance with others who have attended classes that day. It has allowed them to chose working weights, and scaling options more appropriately…they are no longer “guessing” what they did last time. It’s also been a great selling point to potential members. The ability to be able to present our athletes with tangible data that they can access anytime anywhere is very valuable!

How has Wodify changed you personal day to day?It has definitely made my day to day easier. I can handle all my business operations (posting WOD’s, tracking members, financial operations) from one easy to navigate website. No longer do I have to switch back and forth between multiple websites and software to manage my day-to-day. And as Wodify continues to grow its product, by adding new features and capabilities, my day-to-day will only get easier.

Do you see you see your athletes pushing harder? Striving to Rx more often? Making gains more often?We have seen an increase in performance from our athletes, the desire to be able to check the RX box is a great motivating factor. Most importantly, everyone of our members participates in tracking their data…not the rare few that keep notebooks or journals! This has kept our athletes more engaged in their training and more dedicated to their progression.

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