Opening a Box? Our Top Picks for CrossFit Equipment for Your New Gym

There is little question at this point that CrossFit is one of the fastest-growing fitness phenomena in the world, with an estimated 13,000 gyms giving upwards of four million athletes the equipment they need to maximize their athleticism.

Of course, that number rises every year, both in terms of participants and in terms of new CrossFit boxes. If you are someone considering opening up your own gym sometime in the not-so-distant future, you probably are going to want to start making a list of the equipment you will need to give your members everything they need for their workouts.

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After working with thousands of CrossFit boxes, here at Wodify, we have a few suggestions to give budding entrepreneurs a sense of what they may need to buy. The good news is, CrossFit is not a sport that requires a lot of expensive equipment. The essential CrossFit equipment required for starting any gym includes:

A Full Weight Set

Obviously, the first thing a gym needs for CrossFit athletes is a full set of weights, which includes all sorts of varying weights, a weight tree, a rack for the bars, and some benches for the different exercises that incorporate those weights.


You also will need a full set of dumbbells, including a storage rack for them, as well.


While traditional weightlifters may not use them as often as CrossFit athletes, they are foundational for this sport. If you’re running a true box, you’re going to need them.

Pull-Up Bars

Several CrossFit exercises require the use of a pull-up bar, so get one that’s strong enough to support even your heaviest, most muscular members.

Dips Bars

Also consider investing in a set of dips bars, as they are great for upper body workouts and aren’t an especially expensive addition to your startup weight room.

Gymnastics Rings

Several popular CrossFit exercises utilize rings, so get yourself a good pair of wooden rings and allow your customers to reap the benefits in terms of core strength and balance.


Some of your customers will want to enhance their pushups with these, so make sure you have a set of them available.

Plyometric Boxes

Plyo boxes can be a nightmare in a workout, but they are a must-purchase for anyone starting their own gym.

Medicine Ball

Wall balls are an important workout in the world of CrossFit, so you’ll need some medicine balls of different weights to accommodate those types of exercises.

Climbing Rope

You will want a 20-foot rope hanging from somewhere in your gym. These are affordable and are great for strength-building challenges.

C2 Rower

This may end up being the most expensive item you have to purchase to start your box, but it’s one of the few cardio machines you’ll want to invest in, and some CrossFit workouts require it.

If you’ve been wondering how to open your own gym, hopefully these ideas for gym equipment will be helpful. Also, don’t forget an investment in Wodify Core software to ensure that your gym runs as well as it looks!

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