Five reasons your members need a mobile app

It’s likely that the hour your members spend training in your gym is the only time they aren’t glued to their smartphones (when they’re not asleep, of course.) So when they walk out of your doors, you need to make it easy for them to stay in contact, stay informed and stay incentivized to keep coming back. A mobile app is the solution. But it’s not only for their benefit. You can also use your app as a marketing tool to spread awareness, build your community and help generate new leads.

Here are five reasons why you need to provide your members with a mobile app experience:

1. Connection —  Providing your members with an app gives them a way to interact with one another and build friendships even when they’re not at the gym. “Liking” and commenting on workouts within an app are ways to create a positive atmosphere that leads to a strong community and attracts more members over time.

2. Value — A gym membership isn’t cheap, so a mobile app is a visible value add that shows that you care about your members and how they interact with your gym. Given how mobile apps are now ubiquitous, some may even come to expect one. Offering an app to your members is one way of showing that you understand they’re making an investment in your gym, and you’re making an investment in them.

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3. Convenience —  A mobile app for your customers will give them easy access to the information they want most: performance history, workout details, schedule changes, who’s leading the class and if they’re up to date in their payments.

4. Marketing — Any chance you have to get your name out there, take it! Store signage and online ads are one thing, but a mobile app can serve as a tiny billboard that follows your members wherever they go. It’s also an easy way for them to share their experience with friends outside the gym to help generate new leads.

5. Stickiness — If you can keep your members constantly engaged and excited about the events inside your gym, they’ll have a tougher time leaving you. An app allows you to connect directly with your customers, gain valuable insight as to what they’re looking for in their fitness experience and figure out solutions to keep them happy and coming back.

Providing a mobile app for your gym and your members is a solid investment that can pay back dividends in terms of member retention, client satisfaction and lead generation. If you don’t have one already, now’s the time to start building!

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