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Effective gym management is crucial to success in the fitness industry. No gym owner can go it alone; it takes a talented team of people to help you run and manage your establishment in ways that keep members signing on year after year – and referring their friends.

The Fitness World Has Caught CrossFit Fever

While CrossFit has been called a fad, fitness most certainly isn’t. Fitness club and gym memberships have been surging in the past decade, with growth of nearly 20 percent between 2008 and 2014, according to the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics). In 2014, CrossFit opened its 10,000th affiliate, and the already billion-dollar industry has exploded exponentially since then.

An increasing number of people are becoming addicted to the intense weight lifting, kettlebell swinging, rope climbing and ball dodging activities that comprise the realm of CrossFit. It might be said that a kind of CrossFit fever is spreading across the world.

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Optimizing Gym Management and Talent Pool Creation

With this growth comes a need for a quality fitness employee talent pool from which to draw. While certain jobs in your gym can be filled more easily, management, teaching and personal training roles require talented individuals with the right skills to help your business to succeed and thrive. 

The unfortunate reality of the fitness industry is that for most gyms, turnover tends to be somewhat high. Because of this, it’s very important to be proactive in attracting and hiring top talent, employing retention techniques and cultivating an active, interested talent pool from which to draw.


Benefits of Creating a Talent Pipeline

Pipeline recruiting is a proactive way to draw in and train the best talent while also paving the way for easier future recruiting. With this method, you are continually adding to a list of pre-screened, approved candidates so that when a spot is open, it can be rapidly filled.

CrossFit gyms and fitness facilities are in a unique position in that they are always quite close to their ideal talent pool: their existing membership roll. The simple act of always having job listings and hiring flyers prominently posted around your facility can create a continual stream of interest. Pre-screen the applicants and keep an ongoing list of quality potential candidates to fill all the roles your gym requires to function optimally.

The benefits of creating a talent pipeline include:

  • Pre-Screened Candidates give you the ability to steer clear from hiring less qualified candidates due to demand in a high-turnover industry.
  • Fewer Gaps mean a lowered risk of existing staff becoming overworked if there are gaps in hiring.
  • Quality Customer Service for gym membership holders becomes more consistent, leading to higher client satisfaction, more referrals and positive word of mouth for your facility.

The essence of a successful CrossFit gym or fitness facility is a spirit of fun along with the excitement and invigoration that comes with self-improvement. Some of the most successful gyms and CrossFit boxes are set up in dirt-cheap warehouses with bare-bones essential equipment. As with any organization, the quality and success of the enterprise hinges upon the people involved.

Use these tips for hiring and gym management, and you’ll attract a perpetual stream of high-quality members – some of which might one day become part of your staff. Consider also incorporating Wodify gym management software to assist you in all phases of hiring, talent management and the day-to-day operations of your gym.

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