How To Build A Winning CrossFit Team

CrossFit has been called many things.

The CrossFit faithful praise it as “life-changing,” building both core strength and inner character. Indeed, the CrossFit lifestyle looks intriguing to outsiders, who must respect the fortitude of those who stick with the training and have amazing results to show for it. 

What are the qualities of a winning CrossFit competitor and team? Many CrossFitters reference the following six qualities: reference the following six qualities:

1. Committed and Dedicated. 

As you can probably tell, CrossFit isn’t for quitters. You have to really want this. It won’t always be easy, so the ability to push through resistance (both inner and outer, in terms of specific exercises and intensity) will be crucial to success.

2. High Pain Threshold. 

This one isn’t meant to scare you. It’s simply a reality that the intensity of CrossFit workouts, the potential for injury and pushing yourself to new personal bests may all cause you to encounter some degree of pain. CrossFitters aren’t afraid of it; in fact, some of them embrace it as a sign that they are making new gains.

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3. Ability to Strike a Balance. 

While the ability to push through pain is valuable, top CrossFitters also know how to balance out pushing themselves with getting required rest. Top athletes know that recovery time is key to making great gains. Also, some injuries should not be pushed through; the most winning CrossFitters know their limits and know when it’s time to take a break.

4. Follows the Sport. 

An awareness of the CrossFit world is also essential to doing well in the sport. You must be able to size up the competition so that you’ll know what you’re up against. Follow top CrossFitters on social media and other outlets. You should also stay up on CrossFit news and developments; this will help you to maximize your workouts and performance.

5. Love and Respect for Yourself. 

This might sound touchy-feely for a list of winning CrossFit requirements, but it’s true. You will not be as driven to improve yourself and succeed in the sport without a healthy regard for yourself. This isn’t about having the biggest ego, either; it’s about wanting to be the best version of yourself possible, and this will mean something different for every CrossFitter.

6. A True Team Player. 

While looking out for yourself is important in CrossFit, the best CrossFitters never forget that they are part of a team, a larger community. While competitions pit individuals against one another, never forget that you are part of a dynamic CrossFit family. Root other players on to their personal bests – even your direct competitors. Higher and higher levels of success is what it’s all about, and the best athletes motivate and inspire one another.


Success in CrossFit requires a special breed of individual. Not everyone can win the CrossFit Games, but each and every competitor can get better with each workout. When building a team or developing winning characteristics within yourself, consider these crucial qualities. They are the foundation of a fighting spirit and a winning CrossFit team.

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